The 5 Best A3 Laser Printers – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis

When it comes to printing and working with formats beyond the traditional folio, the best a3 laser printers are the perfect complement. These products have reduced their prices to the current demand, offering quality levels and print speeds that are really interesting for users, both home and office.


Among these models, one of the most prominent is the one represented by the OKI C823n printer that prints in color, is fast in all processes and easy to handle and connect. They also highlight the features of the Xerox Versalink C7000V_DN that has connectivity for multiple systems, it is a robust team to print a large number of sheets monthly and a touch screen to take control of everything.

Comparison chart of the best a3 laser printers

OKI C823n Color 600 x 1200DPI A3 – Laser printer (LED, Color, 600 x 1200 DPI, A3, 300 sheets, 23 ppm)

  • When you want to print only in black, the printer can reach a total speed of 13 A3 pages per minute, which gives the ability to get 700 pages printed in 1 hour, an aspect of great relevance for places that have high demand, such as copy centers
  • As is logical in this type of product, the replacement of toner has a price that many consider as high and counting that it needs four, it may be a significant amount.
  • It is a functional printer, with the appropriate qualities for a good job, without significant additions, but efficient in the function it must fulfill.

Xerox VersaLink C7000V_DN – Laser Printer (Laser, Color, 1200 x 2400 dpi, A3, 620 Sheets, 35 ppm)

  • One of its most significant advantages is the possibility of working with it remotely, no matter where you are. This is achieved through synchronization with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Microsoft accounts, which translates into great freedom and mobility for users.
  • It is relatively heavy equipment, with a total of 72 kilograms, so it is advisable to place it in a fixed place where it is not necessary to move it every little time.
  • It is a team with functionalities appropriate for professional use, with excellent paper storage capabilities and a remarkable print sheet output speed.

Oki B840Dn – Monochrome laser printer (A3, 40 ppm, 1200X1200 Dpi, Parallel Ethernet, USB, Duplex)

  • It has a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 pixels, which offers perfect quality prints with crisp colors and well-defined lines, which are appropriate to generate documents of high relevance in any company or office of freelancers.
  • A user reports that the installation of the printer on any computer should be done with the disk provided by the manufacturer, so it is usually a bit annoying when it is not available.
  • In this case, it is an economical, monochromatic, fast printer, which does not see its good potential reduced by the price and with a good volume of output.

The 5 Best A3 Laser Printers s – Reviews In 2020

  1. Oki C823n Color A3 Laser Printer

 Main Advantage:

The paper supply system allows you to work with sheets or cardstocks from 64 to 256 g / m 2 at the grammage level, thus giving greater versatility. And, as for the quantities, you can use the main tray with up to 300 sheets, and you can expand with the extra plate up to 935 sheets.

Main Disadvantage:

Within the forms of connection, it does not have the possibility of being done through a WiFi system, which avoids having more exceptional comforts, especially in offices where you work with a large number of computers.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is an appropriate printer for offices and use of professionals who need to have clear documents about the work they do, making it possible to make their connection through different methods.

Main Features Explained


To grant the versatility necessary for different uses, the manufacturer has arranged three ways to exert the connection from the computer.

In the first instance, it was using an RJ-45 cable for an Ethernet system that is useful for more essential work systems that do not see their efficiency diminished, although perhaps comfort.

In the same line of a cable system, you can also use the USB 2.0 connection, depending on the ease of entry into the computer.

But it is also possible to access the printer service via a wireless LAN. This will help to maximize the distance of use, assisting different people in staying connected.

An essential fact in this regard is that this type of printers is often used by photo professionals to obtain their images in excellent resolution, so having them near your computer is something valuable.


In addition to the print speed you have for A3 type pages that is 13 per minute, other aspects are worth considering regarding this feature.

First, the warm-up time that is possible to achieve in 25 seconds and whose count starts running at the right time to turn on the equipment. But, this could be 5 points less, that is, 20 seconds, when the printer has been placed to work in power saving mode.

On the other hand, you can print the documents after 14 seconds of sending it, which is much faster than you could find different models for this size. And, best of all, this feature applies to both black and white and color prints.

Work capacity and noise

Printers are generally available from the factory to have a recommended quantity and a maximum limit of pages to be printed within a given month. This is done to inform consumers that they will work correctly, as long as these levels are not exceeded.

For this Oki model, it is most appropriate to print up to 5,000 pages at a basic level and up to 75,000 at the maximum limit, when necessary.

On the other hand, we already saw that noise is significant to consider to avoid inconveniences when working, uniquely when printers are placed inside offices. Notably, this model is capable of producing 52 dB when it is operational and printing and 32 dB when it is on, but in the idle state.

  1. Xerox VersaLink C7000V_DN Laser Printer

 Printers are equipment whose characteristics should be assessed with sufficient attention to avoid inconvenience after purchase. Therefore, considering the Best A3 Laser Printers in the opinion of some users can always be positive.

In this case, the Xerox model has the patented Xerox ConnectKey technology, which facilitates connectivity with most of the devices currently available.

On the other hand, it includes a configuration wizard that will allow you to install and customize your equipment quickly and easily, without the need for specialized technical assistance.

In addition, thanks to its proper resolution, it guarantees high-quality prints with images in vivid colors and with sufficient line details, regardless of the format size you use.

Also, security options can be enabled, such as authentication, by using a card for access control and protected printing. Likewise, the equipment can be customized to be used only by authorized personnel, using an ID with a personal key.

The Best A3 Laser Printers of the moment should have the right amount of pros that largely exceed the cons, as presented in the following summary.


Screen: A 5-inch touch screen is included with which you can perform the functions that are necessary to carry out the work.

Maximum printing: Although the recommended printing limit per month is 10 thousand pages, a maximum of 153 thousand pages can be reached.

Operating Systems: You can work smoothly with Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Print speed: This printer is capable of generating printing of 35 pages per minute.


WiFi: It does not bring it added as a default connection system, but it can be optionally adjusted.

  1. Oki B840Dn Monochrome Laser Printer

 For this occasion, we present a model that stands out for many users as the best A3 quality-price laser printer, but which is also evidenced as one of the cheapest found so far, which is why we cannot fail to review its characteristics more relevant

One of its advantages is the possibility of requesting a 16 GB SD card, which can be used to store macros, overlays, and downloadable fonts. This option also allows you to automatically collect copies of multi-page documents making the workflow better.

We should also note that it supports compatibility with almost all operating systems that are currently used, offering the possibility of printing in A3 format, with a printing speed of 22 pages per minute and 40 pages when it comes to A4 formats.

If you are looking for the Best A3 Laser Printers for 800 euros, this model is recommended by many users for its functionality and be one of the cheapest. But, to be more aware that it is what you need, the most appropriate is to review its pros and cons.


RAM Memory: Allows you to update RAM up to a maximum of 640 MB to speed up the processing of larger files.

Size: Its compact dimensions are convenient enough to place in tight spaces.

Energy-saving: It offers a minimum energy consumption, which translates into significant long-term savings.


WiFi: You do not have this connection system, so you will need space and cables to adjust by USB or RJ-45.

Monochrome: It has no output in colors, so it will be inappropriate to detail graphics, images, and photographs.

  1. Epson EPL-N2550 Laser Printer

Among the Best A3 Laser Printers s of 2019, users highlight this model presented by Epson, which has excellent potential to meet the needs of any freelancer or company.

One of the most remarkable details is that it provides good quality prints in terms of texts and graphics, with well-defined dyes and the absence of bands. Another aspect related to this is that it resolves 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Also, we must highlight the simplicity of the software installation. You just have to have the foresight to install the appropriate driver for the equipment, which in addition to the default options, offers the possibility to customize them.

It is also worth mentioning that although it is a large team, Epson has managed to reduce its impact through the incorporation of a very innovative expandable paper tray design.

Since Epson is a company dedicated to mass production of equipment for this sector, it is appropriate for consumers to position it as the best brand of A3 laser printers. And, to complement the description, it is also worth reviewing its positive and negative characteristics.


Memory: It has an internal memory of 64 MB with expansion possibilities that allow you to reach up to 320 MB.

Warm-up: In just 10 seconds, the printer will be ready to start working with it.

Paper type: In its standard tray, it allows you to use every day, recycled paper, labels, and envelopes.


Display: Its LCD screen contains 16 characters, but has no backlight. However, it is readable.

Double-sided: You have no option to automatically enable duplex printing, so if necessary, you will have to do it manually.

  1. Kyocera Ecosys M8124cidn / KL3 laser printer

 When we look for a product of this type, it is common to ask what is the Best A3 Laser Printers, so reviewing a comparison like this can be quite useful.

In this case, it is a multifunctional device that allows you to perform a good quality job and very quickly. It offers a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 pixels and another 600 x 600 pixels, both in copies and in color scanning.

Another important fact is that it allows prioritizing work, which turns out to be quite convenient when it comes to standard equipment. Some documents must be obtained more urgently compared to others.

In addition, it has a color touch panel that is very simple to use, since it is based on assistant-type navigation that helps to operate the equipment intuitively.

Another frequent question that is usually had in these cases is which A3 laser printer to buy, and it is possible that the answer you can find when reviewing the pros and cons of each model, and that are presented as they are in the following list.


Functions: It has incorporated very productive professional features for printing, color scanning, copying, and faxing.

Usability: Its installation and operation are straightforward and with few demands.

Oriented to energy saving: It is friendly to the environment, with low energy consumption and savings.


Fixed equipment: Due to its size and weight, it must be equipment that is kept in a fixed place.

Price:, with so many varied functionalities, its price is much higher than the other models presented in this comparison.

How to use an A3 laser printer

Printers are handy tools when capturing digital documents on paper. Over the years, the quality of the prints has evolved according to technology and the creation of innovative products, such as laser printers, which promise to be more precise in the results. Therefore, we present useful tips that will help you understand the correct way to use this type of printers.

Open the top cover and fill the ink toner

Before you start using your laser printer, you need to check the ink levels it has. Laser printers are characterized in that they do not need ink cartridges, but instead use a toner that rotates the pigments and adheres them to the rotating cylinder, so that when they pass the sheet, they stick to the paper. Carefully lift the top cover and check the toner ink level; add more ink to fill the tank just right.

Securely plug in the printer

Once you make sure that your printer has the necessary amount of ink in the toner, proceed to plug it incorrectly. For this, it is essential that the outlet has a capacity of three holes for the electrodes of the cable (negative, positive, and ground). Make sure the outlet is near the printer to facilitate the electrical connection of the machine.

Turn on the printer

After correctly plugging the printer into the power outlet, continue turning it on to use all the features it offers. Press the power button on the back of the printer cover, wait a few minutes until it turns on completely and it will be ready for use.

Install the driver software on the computer

You need to install a particular program on your computer, to make frequent use of your printer. Insert the CD-ROM into the computer and run the particular program to configure the printer functions. You also have the option to install online. The program will be automatically installed on the main desktop of the computer so that it is easily accessible to the user.

Configure the printer connection

At the end of the driver software installation, proceed to configure your printer. Connect the printer to the document programs, send them directly to the computer, and start printing. Confirm that the printer is on at all times, but the established connection will be lost, and the printer data will not appear.

Place the appropriate paper size on the tray

The sheets of paper you will use for printing should be placed inside the input tray, which is arranged at the bottom of the front of the machine. Pull the tray towards you, correctly place the number of sheets you need and then push the tray back in, verifying that it fits properly in place.

Make test prints

It is recommended that, before the prints you need, a series of test prints be made, which will indicate the image quality, ink level, and accuracy of the printer. You can use the set of test documents included in the driver program.

Turn off the printer when you finish the task

Finally, turn off the printer at the end of printing; This will ensure that it does not overheat on the inside for more excellent durability.

The most popular brands

When it comes to printers, the A3 laser printer is a perfect option for users. The most recognized industries in electronics each offer their version of this product. According to its characteristics and what people think on the Internet, we dare to say that the leading brands are Brother, Samsung, and HP.

They concentrated on that market until consolidating and then began their internationalization in 1954, to expand to about 100 countries. With a more diversified production, the acceptance of the users was gained by satisfying their expectations.

He arrived in Spain in 1997, where he established a headquarters responsible for serving Spanish users. Through its foreign subsidiaries, Brother has established itself in the distribution of technological products and has earned a good reputation in the world market as a large Japanese company.

Brother is characterized by offering optimal value for money in the items it manufactures and adapts to the demands of users. Among its office products, printers, typewriters, and computers that are used in business and homes stand out.

The A3 laser printer from Brother is, without a doubt, a machine that will give you the results you are looking for when printing your documents. Not only can it be used for small jobs, but it is also designed for large projects in the commercial sector and terms of technical service.

Samsung enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. It emerged in 1938 in Seoul, South Korea, as a union of multinational companies. Byung-Chull founded it as a business dedicated to the export of dried fish, fruits, and vegetables; He then expanded his tasks to other business areas and currently figures as the most significant business group in his country and a global corporation.

The international diffusion of this brand was due in large part to its electronic products, such as appliances and mobile phones. Ethical values guide the spirit of the company in the establishment of businesses. They take people into account as the basis of the company to seek excellence and achieve essential change in society, through integrity and shared prosperity.

Samsung’s economic activities cover various sectors: education and health, sports clubs, services, biotechnology, finance, technology and electronics, heavy industry, and construction. Without a doubt, it is a reference for other companies for its economic model.

Concerning the Samsung A3 laser printer, it can be said that it is characterized by the quality of all the products manufactured by the brand. These accessories have an innovative design and extensive functionality.

William Hewlett and David Packard joined in 1939 and created the Hewlett-Packard (known as HP) in the United States. Its beginnings consisted of the production of laboratory instruments and electronic measurement. Then they were introduced in the manufacture of electronic calculators with which they achieved greater success, and also sold computer items.

HP is listed today as one of the largest companies in the technological world. As of 2014, it was divided into two independent firms: HP Inc., which is responsible for manufacturing and selling personal computers and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, dedicated to everything related to networks, storage, servers, and services for other companies.

The HP brand has produced technology capable of improving the life of users. This company has a brand in every place in the world, thanks to the quality they print to their articles. He is currently researching to innovate and continue to materialize his business vision.

Having an HP A3 laser printer means having one of the best products on the market in your home or office. You will be motivated and inspired to do your jobs, to create and to continue reinventing your way of life.

Buying Guide – What is the Best A3 Laser Printers on the market?

To make the right choice of this type of product, which requires very technical knowledge, it is appropriate to have quite specific information. For this reason, it is best to consider the data proposed in a guide to buying the Best A3 Laser Printers, as we present below. Thus, you will know exactly what details to focus on to get what you need.

 Printing technology

Laser printers work through an inking mechanism with powdered pigments. This means that a better finish is obtained, at lower prices, and a higher speed.

Within the market, an important detail when determining how much it costs is to decide whether or not it is a version created to work in black and white or color. In the first case, there are already quite economical versions that are being the most used within the offices, due to the high capacity they offer in short times.

However, those who have the option of color, despite demanding more investment, are being much sought after in homes, as it offers the possibility of obtaining a large number of prints with good quality.

Speed and sheet loading

One of the primary aspects to study when reviewing a comparison of A3 laser printers is the print speed per minute, a fundamental element of it will be used in places where demand is quite high.

In general, these are much faster models than the inkjet models that fill each sheet by segments. In this case, the necessary powder for each example is expelled with an extensive mechanism, which makes it take much less time.

Therefore, we must also consider the capacity of the tray to load sheets, as it should be of an excellent size to store one or two reams of paper at the same time, avoiding having to always reload.


In previous times it was almost mandatory to have the printer next to the computer to be able to connect it by the length of the cable. Today, that situation is going down in history, as there are different ways of getting the documents sent, even if the distance is relatively long.

Among the most useful options is the WiFi connection. This allows that from any place you are inside the office or the house, you can send the material you need to have in physical and dispose of it in a few minutes.

Besides, some are managed through Ethernet networks, which are usually very useful in large companies that need to have many computers connected. And, even, some models can be activated using Apps so that printing from your Smartphone does not represent any inconvenience.


In the first instance, it is necessary to review the type of screen and what can be done through it, since sometimes jams or failures can occur that must be known to be able to correct them. It will also be useful when you need to execute actions without a computer, through the use of removable memory, for example.

Another element is if the printer efficiently executes double-sided printing. This helps to make documents work better, in addition to saving paper.


As the last aspect, it is necessary to assess the noise capacity that the printer can produce when it is in operation and that it is possible to measure in decibels. This is because they are equipment that is usually used inside offices where it is necessary to have silence to avoid interrupting the concentration of workers.

Having a silent model will give a better experience in use and will allow it to be placed in any place, without the need to be condemned to a room away from the whole environment.

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