The 5 Best Dot Matrix Printers Of 2020- Buying Guide, And Analysis

Keeping a record of the transactions that are carried out in any business is essential, especially if we want to have the administrative area updated, as well as deliver the respective proof of the operations they have carried out with us to the clients. In this particular, best dot matrix printers   are a key tool, especially since they use inexpensive consumables, thanks to their impact point printing technique.

Therefore, it is very important to be clear about its primary characteristics such as number of points, characters, connection or type of paper. Currently, several models of  best dot matrix printers   are offered in the market, however, we will focus on the most important ones. The first is the Epson LX-350, which uses A4 paper, has 300 points and easily connects to computers. The following is the Epson FX-890 , which works with plain paper, envelopes or labels and offers more than seven million characters.

Comparison Chart Of The   Best Dot Matrix Printers 

Epson LX-350 - Matrix Printer

It is a matrix printer that is economical when compared to other models; Being compact and versatile is indicated for the desk or counter of a business.

It allows you to use A4 paper, has a maximum resolution of 300 points and can print up to four million characters. This gives it a very important saving capacity. In addition, it offers several connection methods such as parallel, serial and USB interface.

It is quite basic, so it works for the right thing. The impression is not very clear and makes a little noise, but it fulfills its function. Not recommended for prints with many important details.

Epson FX-890 - Matrix Printer

It is the most expensive on the list, but it allows saving material and can be used with various types of paper. It is recommended for additional tasks to print invoices.

It is a fairly complex model, with many paper configuration options, including single, continuous sheets or smaller formats such as envelopes, so it can be difficult to operate.

Undoubtedly one of its strengths is that its printing tape can yield up to seven and a half million characters. In addition, it has several connection possibilities, can be connected via USB or Ethernet and is compatible with several Windows operating systems.

Epson LQ-350

It is one of the models that offer a tape with less duration, with just two and a half million characters. However, it works perfectly in case of moderate use.

It is the cheapest on the list and it is a simple model, which nevertheless saves money on the electricity bill thanks to its energy efficiency.

Its design is compact, it offers good reliability and the ability to connect through parallel interfaces, serial or USB port. In addition, it is easy to install, since it is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

The 5 Best Dot-matrix Printers   - Reviews In 2020


When looking for a printer, we strive to consider in a very special way its most significant characteristics, which will allow us to move towards the best choice. For this reason, we try to analyze the most important criteria such as a number of points, characters, utilities, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Below, we show you a list of the best dot matrix printers of 2020,  so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Epson LX-350 Matrix Printer

This is a  printer that stands out for its compact design and good performance. It enjoys extraordinary energy efficiency, which means that it is a good team that will allow you to save. It is a model for both home and office.

Main Features Explained

Compact design

This model of Epson matrix printer stands out, in the first place, for its compact design, so it will fit perfectly on a desk for private use or on an office table.

It is dark gray and has dimensions of 34.8 x 4.1 x 27.5 cm. It weighs around 4 kg. This means that it is not too heavy to transport and relocate it with some frequency. In particular, it is an impact matrix printer that contains 9 needles and 80 columns to offer the highest quality prints.

Also, it should be noted that this product can be easily integrated with other devices, as it includes parallel, serial and USB interfaces of standard type. Thanks to its format and cable management mode, it is, therefore, possible to integrate it anywhere.



Another of the most notable qualities of this product is that it is very energy efficient. This printer model requires only 1.3W in saving mode while turning it on only consumes 23W. Of course, these figures translate into lower electricity consumption and, therefore, greater savings on the bill.

Due to its energy efficiency, the Epson LX-350 model is ENERGY STAR qualified. This is a consideration acquired by those energy-efficient products, which entails a lower cost and also lower emissions related to the use of electricity.

This printer, thus, can be proud to show off one of the best qualifications that an electronic article can have in this area. And also the users, who will see how their electricity bill will not rise more than is due.

High capacity

Reliability and high capacity are two of the indisputable features of this matrix printer. We refer to reliability in the sense that this product can be around 10,000 hours of operation without giving a single failure.

This offers a lot of peace of mind, especially if it is used in a work context in which having a printer that does not slow down work is essential. By high capacity, we mean that you can print about four million characters without having to replace the printer.

In addition, it offers a maximum speed of 390 pages per minute, a fact that those environments that demand speed in the impressions will welcome very well. It is, therefore, an article capable of printing continuous paper and any type of document for several hours without resentment.


Reliability is the great advantage of this matrix printer, as it offers 10,000 hours of fault-free operation and is also suitable for situations in which you need to print continuously.


It is a model that does not have Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that the only way to use it is by connecting it by cable to the computer.

Satycon Printer USB matrix tickets

This is one of the cheapest and best dot-matrix printers on the market. It is designed to be placed at the point of sale so that we can continuously print invoices or small receipts that are issued during the day. It feeds on a continuous roll of paper.

It is also a fairly easy model to connect and configure, thanks to its USB and serial interfaces.

Finally, this could be the best price-quality matrix printer of the moment, since it allows you to keep a record of transactions just like the largest ones in the market, but it doesn’t cost too much money.

The SATYCON USB is considered by some people as the best matrix printer for 100 euros. In the next section, we present its advantages and disadvantages, so you can determine whether or not it suits your needs.



Design: This is a compact model that you can place in small areas.

Accessories: It is offered with a roll of printing paper and ERC-39 ink, for this reason, you will have what it takes to start using it.

Connectivity: Although it does not have WiFi, you will have several connectivity options as it has USB and serial cable.


Printing: Due to its design it can only be used to print small tickets, so its usefulness is a bit limited.

Weight: Although it is compact, the manufacturer indicates that its weight is 6 Kg, so it is not very light and you will have to strain a little every time you need to move it.

Epson LX-350 Matrix Printer

This could be the best matrix printer of the moment since it has great reliability, energy efficiency, and compact design. In addition, it has a total of 300 maximum resolution points per inch with which it can be printed on A4 size paper, always printing in monochrome mode.

This model is very economical, especially since the tape can print up to four million characters before it needs to be replaced. In addition, this printer is easy to integrate to any computer or billing equipment, because it has a parallel, serial and USB interface as standard.

To make matters worse, its compact design and cable management system make it perfectly located on a desk.

This model has a variety of features that allow it to be considered by several users as the best matrix printer of the moment, for this reason, we invite you to read its main advantages and disadvantages.



  • Capacity: It has a built-in high capacity ribbon that will allow you to print about 4 million characters, so you will have the possibility to give it a long utility before requiring any replacement.
  • Consumption: It consumes low energy levels, in the saving mode it uses only 1.3 W and, due to its efficiency, it has obtained the ENERGY STAR rating.
  • Reliability: It is possible to use it in various environments thanks to its reliability, as it is suitable for printing continuous paper and multi-sheet documents.
  • Design: It has a compact design, so you can install it on your desk and other small spaces.


Connectivity: This model does not have WiFi, therefore, you cannot connect it wirelessly to other computers.

Epson FX-890 Matrix Printer

This model could answer the question about which is the best matrix printer on the market, especially since it is easily connected via USB or Ethernet, so it makes installation much easier anywhere.

In addition, it generates a great saving of resources, since its tape is capable of printing more than 7.5 million characters before they need to be replaced.

Also, this printer is able to work with various types of paper, thanks to the guides that allow us to use A4 paper, envelopes or any other measure we need.

Another favorable point is the compatibility of this printer with the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 98, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

If you have still decided which matrix printer to buy, we recommend you consider the different qualities offered by this model, because due to its advantages it could be of interest.


Connectivity: It has WiFi, so you will have the possibility of establishing wireless connections, that is, you will be able to share the information you want to print in a simpler way, without using any cables.

Performance: Print quickly, since it works at a speed of 680 characters per second. Due to the high performance, it maintains it is possible to use it to perform large and medium amounts of work.

Configuration: It is possible to program it according to your printing needs, as it allows you to choose between several work modes.

Durability: The tapes it has are long-lasting and allow you to print more than seven million characters.


Noise: When operating it emits a noise that maintains an intensity of 55 dB, so it is a bit noisy and this could annoy some buyers.

Epson LQ-350 Matrix Printer

With a compact design and an ink ribbon that yields up to two and a half million characters, this matrix printer is quite attractive if we are looking for a mid-range model, capable of connecting through parallel interfaces, serial or USB port.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

In addition, this printer is capable of operating with continuous roll paper or A4 size sheets. As for energy consumption, it is ENERGY STAR qualified for its magnificent energy efficiency, thanks to the fact that it only consumes 1.3 W in saving mode and 23 W on.

To determine which is the best brand of best dot matrix printers, you need to know more about the characteristics of various products, such as the Epson LQ-350.


Duration: According to the manufacturer, it has the ability to remain in operation for 10,000 hours, so you will probably be able to use it for a long time.

Consumption: It uses 23 W when it is on and 1.3 W in standby mode, for this reason, it manages to maintain a good level of energy efficiency.

Design: This is a compact model, so you will have the possibility of installing it in small spaces.


Performance: Compared to other models, its performance is lower, since its tape prints only a little more than two million characters.

Oki ML1120 Eco Matrix Printer

This matrix printer offers a speed of 375 characters maximum resolution per second and has a ribbon capable of printing up to four million characters, so it represents an interesting investment, especially if we want to replace the tape sporadically.

On the other hand, this model can be the one for all types of businesses, whether to print receipts, invoices, delivery notes, notes, daily reports, etc., because it is capable of printing on separate sheets and also continuous paper of up to 5 sheets

It also has a rear feeder that allows several positions to cut the paper accurately, as well as use continuous and heavy paper labels, leading to material savings.

Although this printer is not exactly one of the cheapest, it has in its favor different features that allow it to stand out and could be of your interest, for this reason, we want to present them below.


Durability: Its operation is approximately 10,000 hours, therefore, you will be able to use it for longer.

Capacity: The tape that it has managed to print up to four million characters, in addition, it is capable of printing an original document and 4 copies.

Utility: This is a versatile model that you can use in your business because with it it is possible to print receipts, notes, invoices, address labels, delivery notes and can be connected to the point of sale.


Connection: You will not be able to establish wireless connections with other devices that you have in your office, as it does not have WiFi.

Speed: It works at a speed of 375 characters per second, this is lower compared to the rate that other models maintain.

How To Use A Matrix Printer

If you have a company and want to keep the administrative system in order, you must incorporate a matrix printer, being an essential device when billing the different products or services that you offer to the public. Its operation is similar to that of a typewriter, but with details of advanced technology. Therefore it is important that before acquiring it you read about its basic functions, so you will learn how to use the equipment properly.

Check the contents of the box and remove the packaging

Open the purchase box to verify that the equipment is complete, requiring that it contain the printing device, ribbon or cartridge, paper guide, power supply cable, a CD-ROM with the installation software and a Manufacturer certification sheet. Then, take each of the parts and carefully remove the wrapping paper.

Select a place for placement

It is important that you place the printer on a flat surface that is close to an outlet. In addition, you should avoid placing it near other devices, as these can cause interference if there is any type of wireless connection.

Install the print ribbon

First, verify that the equipment is turned off to proceed to open the cover, but do not forget to remove it completely so that it does not obstruct during the process. It is important that you have the cartridge at hand, being necessary that you turn the side control to tighten the tape and prevent it from getting tangled in the heads.

Now, take it by the handle and adjust the piece in the mounting area, specifically on the pair of side hooks. Finally, place the tape below the guide with the help of a pencil and move the heads to see the correct movement. Don’t forget to adjust the cover again and close it.

Insert the paper guide

Check the structure of the printer. In it, you will find a couple of slots arranged for mounting the paper guide. You just have to take it and in an upright position adjust the sheets carefully, being necessary to press it with your hands.

Connect the interface

Take the USB power cable and check each of its ends; In them, you will find two terminals, both with different shapes. Now, compare them to the port on the back of the printer, and you need to adjust the one that best suits you. It also connects the remaining end to the computer.

Plug in the printer

Before connecting the cable attached to the printer, you have to check the voltage of your power line, since this should match that of the device; otherwise, change its settings. If everything is in order, you just have to plug it in. 

Perform the software installation

Insert the CD-ROM into your computer’s disk drive and wait a few seconds for a dialog box to appear on the screen. Otherwise, you must enter the icon identified as My Computer.

Then, open the CD-ROM device option and select Set up.exe, which will open an installation window that you must accept by double-clicking it. Having done all this, you just have to slide the tab to choose the printer and wait for the loading bars to reach 100%.

In case you have the latest generation device that does not have a CD drive or that does not include an installation CD in the purchase package, you can directly access the manufacturer’s website to download the program and install it online.

Buying Guide - What is the best matrix printer on the market?

A matrix printer is a very useful, economical and easy-to-use equipment, which facilitates printing on large volumes of invoices or labels through the impact printing method, which consists of hitting an ink ribbon with small pins or pins, which are responsible for shaping the characters.

But there are certain characteristics that we must take into account before selecting one, so we have prepared the following guide to buy the best matrix printer, so that we can print large amounts of paper, without spending much money on the purchase of consumables


When making a comparison of the best dot matrix printers, the first thing we should pay close attention to is the number of points it offers, since these will depend on the resolution that our printer will have at the time of transferring the information to the paper.

In this sense, depending on the use that we are going to give it, we can dispense with the resolution a bit or not, that is, if the content we want to print is simple and does not require a particularly detailed reading, we can choose printers with fewer points.

Now, if what we need is a high level of detail, so that the information to be printed has the best reading or we can even count on countless characters, it is recommended that a printer with more points.

It is important to consider that this factor will also influence how much the matrix printer costs, because the more points, the more complicated the system will be and therefore the more expensive it’s design and manufacturing will be.


Once again we find a feature that can affect the quality of printing and the cost of the printer. With regard to quality, the characters are responsible for capturing the content we want to print on the ink ribbons, through the action of the dots.

In this sense, it is important to check the length of the tape, that is, how many characters can you print before the ink runs out. The most advisable thing is that it allows printing more than two million characters.

However, in terms of price, best dot matrix printers with more characters are usually somewhat more expensive, especially since they require higher capacity printing ribbons, but in the long run, they represent considerable savings since they must be replaced less frequently.

For this reason, if what you are looking for is a good and economical matrix printer, you can choose one that does not have such a large number of characters, but taking into account the limitations that this causes. Everything will depend on the particular needs you may have regarding the number of impressions and the requirements that are presented to you.


The dot-matrix printers can be connected to different systems that issue invoices. These systems include business computers or even cash registers, where payments that can be received due to the transactions made are made.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a printer that can be connected to the equipment we use, either via USB or network cables. It is essential to define the type of connection we have so that the printer can be connected quickly and efficiently, without the need to make adaptations of any kind. In addition, in this way, we guarantee that data transmission is reliable and correct.


Although best matrix printers share the common goal of printing invoices or labels, they can be presented in different sizes and orientations. That is why we can find some that work with A4-sized folios, while others feed on smaller paper, usually presented in rolls, which allows continuous printing, without annoying interruptions for those who wait.

In the case of paper, we should consider the type of information that we are going to print, since the smaller the paper, the less the number of characters that we can reflect on it, so it will probably be necessary to use large quantities. On the other hand, large paper allows us to place more information on a single sheet of paper.

Finally, we must also define how to reload paper to our printer, since although many use continuous roll system, others can be fed manually. Again, our decision will depend on our needs and the printing speed we may require.

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