The Best Hp Printer For Home Office – Reviews, Analysis And Buying Guide In 2019

Within the range of the best hp printer for home office, most of its current models have WiFi connectivity.  This is something that makes the process of connecting the equipment to the network easy and dispensing with the cables during the printing and use process. Something that is especially practical when printing from your laptop, your tablet or any other device

. The best thing is that thanks to the wide range of HP products you will not have to worry about finding the one that suits you. We talk about products like the HP Deskjet 3639 WiFi printer . A computer with which to print from any device and which also has a multifunction system that does not lack the scanner or the copier function. Also interesting is the HP OfficeJet 3833 model, thought to save time in the process of printing and copying, with automatic feeder and a compact size to place it anywhere.


Comparison chart of the best hp printer for home office

HP Deskjet 3639

• This printer combines an adjusted price with a print quality of 1,200 dpi and high print speed in both black and color. So you won’t have to wait too long to get quality impressions.

• Despite having a high printing speed, the process start time in terms of the first page is somewhat improved, being around 14 seconds in black and 17 seconds in color.

• A complete and economical proposal with which it is possible to print everything you need with high comfort.

HP OfficeJet 3833

• This multifunction printer has elements that make the process of working with your documents faster such as the sheet feeder for scanning and copying or the possibility of working without a PC.

• The WiFi connection process can be somewhat more complicated than desirable, although following the instructions included you will not have problems completing it properly.

• This is a complete printer, silent and with a good quality in terms of prints and copies.

HP Envy 5030

•This printer is a classic model in the market, with which it is easy to enjoy its multifunction options, so you can print at a quality of 1,200 dpi and an adequate printing speed.

•The duration of the ink cartridges included is quite short, even more than what is normal for this type of products.

•This is A complete model when printing from any device with the quality and efficiency of the brand.

The best HP printers with WiFi on the market

HP printers with WiFi are complete and quality products that allow you to get quality prints without excessive cost or too much difficulty. Something that fits well in what is, for many users, the best brand of printers with WiFi among the most advanced. However, the “problem” that this brand has is that it has a high variety of models, so deciding which is the  best hp printer for home office on the market is not a particularly complex task. Luckily, we have been in charge of screening that offer so that you are left with only the best, what you can find in our selection of the best HP printers with WiFi that we started here.

HP Deskjet 3639

Among the best HP printers with WiFi of 20209, we find the HP Deskjet 3639 model. A complete multifunction printer with which to adequately cover all your copy, print, and scan needs. This is a comprehensive model with which it is easy to print from any device without wires.

These prints run at the quality of 1200 dpi and speeds of 20 pages in black and six pages in color. So you won’t have to worry about the image quality or the wait in the process. This is A complete model that, for many users, is the best HP printer with price-quality WiFi, since this model is also among the cheapest options we have found. A price that not only affects its acquisition cost but also it’s operating and printing costs.

Let’s see some more details of this model, which could well be the best printer of the moment, according to many user opinions.


Print quality: This model has a print quality of 1200 dpi, so you don’t have trouble getting proper printing results.

App: The HP app that this model is compatible with makes it even easier to print from your mobile, your tablet, or any other device.

Speed: This machine has a print speed of 20 pages per minute in black and 16 pages in color.

Compact size: This equipment has a compact design and size, so you don’t have to worry about looking for space.

Printing costs: The printing costs of this device are quite tight, mainly if you use HP high-capacity cartridges.


Starting the print:  the model has a good print speed, the print time of the first page is 14 seconds in black and 17 in color.

HP OfficeJet 3833

The HP OfficeJet 3833 printer is one of the most common printers among users. A complete model that offers you everything you need both for printing and scanning or copying documents. In these last two functions, the model includes a feeder that makes the process more efficient. This product also has a 2.2-inch touch screen that makes device control easier.

It is easy to print from your mobile, your tablet, or any other mobile device without cables. This is A model that will not take your time or bother you while you work, thanks to its discreet printing system, which avoids discomfort when printing. Therefore suitable for users who do not want to get complicated and prefer a model that simplifies operation.

If you do not know what HP printer with WiFi to buy, this model gives you everything you need to work with comfort and excellent speed.


Multifunction: This model incorporates a multifunction system with which it is possible to scan, copy, and print everything you need without difficulties.

Touch screen: The device’s touch screen makes it easy for you to manage all printer operation options conveniently.

Feeder: The document feeder has the capacity for 25 pages and facilitates the process of copying or scanning all kinds of large documents.

Silent: It is a very silent printer, so its general operation will not disturb your work.


Paper recognition: it is necessary to load the paper two or three times for the printer to recognize it properly.

Charger: The capacity of the charger is somewhat tighter than it should, primarily if you use folios thicker than the usual 80 grams.

HP Envy 5030

When it comes to finding the best hp printer for a home office, the HP Envy 5030 is another option to consider. This is A classic model within the Envy range, with which to have the functions of both printing and scanning and copying. Functions that we can manage with comfort both through the included touch screen and with the mobile app that we have at our disposal for mobile phones and tablets.

This is A device with a compact size and simple operation, so you will not have to get too complicated when using the functions of the device. Nor will you have to wait too long to get your copies, because the product has a speed of 10 pages in black and 7 in color, perhaps slightly less than other models but enough for conventional users.

So that you have all the necessary information when making a decision, we give you more details about this model of the Envy range.


Quality: The base print quality is 1200 x 1200 but can reach 4800 x 1200 through the corresponding optimization.

Compatibility: It supports wireless printing functions of all types of developers.

Screen: The included screen, of real character, facilitates both the installation and the everyday use of the product.


Cartridges included: Some user comments that the cartridges included have a more than adjusted performance, so it is almost convenient to add new cartridges to the shopping list.

Speed: Printing has a speed of 10 pages per minute in black and 7 in color, somewhat tighter than other similar models.

HP Laserjet Pro M28w

The range of HP printers with WiFi also reaches the laser part, with models such as the HP Laserjet Pro M28w. This product has cheap printing costs compared to inkjet printing while maintaining good quality. It is the only thing that varies, apart from the possibility of printing only in black versus color. Otherwise, this printer also has the multifunction options that allow you to scan or copy, in addition to printing.

You also have the same wireless functions derived from your WiFi connectivity, so you can print from any device without cables and even remotely via email. A model that prints at a speed of up to 18 pages per minute has an input tray with capacity for up to 150 sheets and includes additional functions, such as the one that allows you to copy cards without difficulty.

If you are interested in a laser model, this printer from the Laserjet range is all you need to start printing.


Print speed: Thanks to its laser printing system, this model prints at high speed of up to 18 pages per minute.

WiFi: WiFi connectivity maintains the usual functions, without problems with the apps or the other conventional options of the device.

Monthly cycle: The monthly cycle allows you to print up to 8,000 pages per minute, being suitable for the most intensive users.


Color: As a cost-adjusted laser model, this product only allows you to print in black but not in color.

Screen: The included screen has a somewhat adjusted size, missing more space and touch functions that facilitate the control of the device.

HP DeskJet 2540

 The HP DeskJet 2540 printer is another of the most recognized options by users when it comes to printing everything you need in comfort. This is A model that has a reference-quality of 1200 x 1200 dpi, which stays at 600 x 300 dpi when making copies. This model is suitable for small users who do not feel like complicating life when printing, for which the product has a simple operation and a size that facilitates the loading of paper or scanning.

The model also has a screen and a simple side panel, which makes it easy to control the different options of the device. This is Functions that, of course, you can also access through the WiFi connectivity that incorporates the printer, thus facilitating its control from any mobile device or your laptop.

So that you do not have to complicate when printing, this model offers you a tasty variety of functions that we detail below.


Multifunction: Like most models of this brand, the equipment is also multifunction, so you can scan and copy comfortably.

Traditional: This traditional model is a simple solution for those who do not want to get complicated when printing.

Loading paper: The upper tray makes it easy to load paper and other items you want to print on.


Copy: The copy quality drops to 600 x 300 dpi, which is somewhat smaller than the capacity it offers in print mode.

Speed: The printing speed is seven pages per minute in black, which penalizes the printing of large documents quickly.

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