The Best Multifunction Printer For Home- Reviews, Analysis And Comparison In 2020

When it comes to equipping our office and having all the functions of printing, copying, and scanning on a single computer, the multifunction printer is the most efficient solution. This is a compact product where all these functions are included, with a lower cost and less use of space than if we would have them separately. So, if you want to find the best multifunction printer for a home for you, you will need to value the functions and quality included in each device, according to what you need.

 Among what the market offers we have the Canon PIXMA MX475 model, which combines high-quality printing with efficient operation, in a team located among the cheapest we have analyzed. Also interesting is the HP Envy 5030 model, which has all the latest technologies, such as wireless connectivity via WiFi or a print speed that reaches 20 pages per minute in black.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Multifunction Printer For Home

Canon PIXMA MX475 Black Wifi Inkjet Multifunction Printer with Fax and ADF

A top-notch, high-performance model, worthy of living up to the best printer of the moment.

This modern printer has all the usual functions with high printing speed and different solutions that improve your productivity, saving you time and hassle in the process.

In this case, the printer maintains the traditional system of a cartridge for black and another for color, instead of the four separate cartridges, which partly increases the cost of printing.

HP Envy 5030 - Wireless multifunction printer (Ink, Wi-Fi, copy, scan, 1200 x 1200 PPP, Silent Mode, Including 4 Months of HP Instant Ink) Color Black

A complete solution with everything you need to print, copy and scan all types of documents easily.

Thanks to its wireless connectivity and the Apps that HP offers its users, this model has everything you need to print comfortably from your laptop, your mobile or your tablet.

The measures of the device are somewhat bulky, especially in regard to width, so you will have to take it into account when looking for space in your office or at home.

Epson Workforce WF-2630WF - Ink multifunction printer (WiFi, 5.6 cm monochrome backlit LCD screen), black

This multifunction printer with fax has everything you need to work efficiently and with tight costs.

The paper capacity that the printer can load is not at the level of the print capacity of the product since the paper tray is not especially large.

It is one of the fastest printers when it comes to black and white printing, printing 34 pages per minute in this format. So you will not have problems to print large amounts of documents in a short time.

The Best Multifunction Printer For Home On The Market

Multifunction devices are the perfect solution to work comfortably and do everything you want with just one device. This is a simple and compact device with all the functions and quality of any conventional printer. 

If you do not know them too much or if you are not sure which is the best multifunction printer to meet your needs, we leave you some outstanding and analyzed models, so you know what to expect from them.

Canon PIXMA MX475

If we take a look at our selection of the best multifunction printer for the home of 2020, the Canon PIXMA MX475 is one of the ones we have to highlight. A multifunction printer with a fax that has a printing capability in both black and white and color, offering adequate performance for all types of documents.

The printer has a print speed of 9.7 pages per minute in black and 5.5 in color, which you can print from anywhere thanks to the WiFi connectivity that incorporates the device. This is something that ends with the Pixma App, which facilitates printing from any computer.

This is a complete model that also includes a convenient feeder with 30 sheets of capacity, to print or scan efficiently and save time in the process. This is A wide variety of functions that, in addition, are available at an adjusted price, as corresponds to a model that is about to be the best multifunction printer for the home of price-quality of the moment.

We analyze some more detail of this product that, despite being among the cheap printers on the market, is at a level of quality that does not envy the most prominent.


  • Functions: The device includes all the functions you need, including fax.
  • WiFi connectivity: Thanks to WiFi connectivity and the included Pixma application, it is easier to print from any computer without cables.
  • Access point: By having an access point system, this equipment does not need a PC or WiFi to operate, since it has its own network.
  • Automatic feeder: The automatic feeder makes the process of copying and scanning large documents much easier, reducing the possibility of errors.
  • Fast front Loading: The equipment saves you time when changing cartridges and paper, so you are even more productive.


Ink consumption: According to some users, the printer’s ink consumption is considerable, although this can be reduced with the correct use of the printer’s printing modes.

HP Envy 5030

The HP Envy 5030 multifunction printer is another of the equipment that is worth being in our selection. A team with which you can print images and photos at the highest quality, since it has a maximum resolution of 4,800 by 1,200 dpi, so it is easy to print even your images with photographic quality.

A model that also has a good performance, capable of printing up to 10 pages in black and white and 7 pages in color, being somewhat more agile than other similar models. This printing can be executed directly from your PC or from any connected device thanks to its WiFi function that helps you print from your mobile, tablet or laptop without cables.

An impression that you can even make double-sided, with a silent mode that prevents the equipment from disturbing in environments where there should be no noise.

Let’s see some more details about this equipment, as a representative of what many users consider as the best brand of multifunction printers of the moment.


  • Resolution: The device is capable of reaching a printing level of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi, to give you the best image when printing photos and other high-resolution elements.
  • Silent mode: The printer includes a silent mode, with which to reduce the inconvenience when printing in those environments where silence should prevail.
  • Instant Ink Service: This model includes as a gift 4 months of the Instant Ink service, so you can print whatever you want during that period.
  • Connectivity: The equipment has both wired connectivity via USB port and wireless connectivity through its WiFi functionality.


  • Installation: The initial installation and configuration process can be somewhat more annoying than it should so be patient so that everything is properly configured.
  • USB cable: In case you want to print via USB cable, you will have to buy this cable separately, since the printer does not include it.

Epson Workforce WF-2630WF

One of the problems that multifunction equipment has is that its printing speed is not always the best. Fortunately, the Epson Workforce WF-2630WF model is breaking this trend when it comes to black printing. And it is that this multifunction printer is capable of printing at a speed of 34 pages per minute in black, which is reduced to 5 in color, in line with other equipment.

A complete model also in its functions, since the fax, copy and scan function is also added. So you will have everything you need in one device.

A product that is topped with current details, such as WiFi connectivity that makes it easier to print from any computer without cables or the system of independent cartridges for each color, which saves part of the printing costs.

If you are still not sure which multifunction printer to buy, we give you some details of everything you can get with this model.


  • Full model: In addition to the copy, print and scan functions, this machine also includes a fax function, so you have everything on one machine.
  • Print speed: Despite being an inkjet model, it has a black print speed that reaches up to 34 pages per minute.
  • WiFi connectivity: Thanks to its WiFi connectivity you will not need to use cables to print on this computer from any device.


  • Loading paper: The paper loading capacity is not at the level of what the product can print, and it is necessary to replenish it more frequently.
  • Cartridge size: The cartridges used by this model have an adjusted size, being necessary to change them more frequently.

Brother DCP-9020CDW

For those who want to save money on the process of printing and managing their documents, laser multifunction printers are what they need. This is the best model such as the Brother DCP-9020CDW printer, which has both black and color printing capabilities.

This device is capable of printing at 18 speeds, with an automatic feeder capable of loading up to 35 sheets. A feeder that also serves the scanning function, saving you time in the scanning of your documents. Thanks to its laser system, these prints and copies are cheaper than in ink models, also having enough toner to print more than 2,200 pages, both black, and color.

A complete team that even has advanced functions, such as blocking functions by password, protecting confidential documents or the possibility of establishing quotas and printing volumes, if you wish.

Coming from a veteran manufacturer and well known in the market, let’s see some functions offered by this equipment.


  • Laser printing: Thanks to its laser printing system, this equipment significantly reduces printing costs while accelerating those prints.
  • Automatic feeder: The included feeder can accommodate up to 35 pages, to save time in the process. It also includes the possibility of double-sided printing.
  • Data protection and functions: It is possible to establish PIN protection to avoid unwanted access to confidential documents or to the configuration functions of the equipment.


  • Spare parts: As usual in laser printers, the cost of spare parts is higher, both in the inks and in the fuser or drums necessary for printing.
  • Technical service: Some users comment that the help provided by the technical service is not as good as it should when the printer breaks down or you need support.

Samsung M2070FW / SEE

Within the range of laser multifunction printers, the Samsung M2070FW / SEE model is one of the most complete and efficient we have found. A product that offers us a black print with an operating speed that reaches 20 pages per minute.

This print, like the copies it makes, has a quality of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, so that your graphics and texts will be clearly visible. The equipment also has WiFi connectivity, with which to print from any device or save all kinds of problems with the cables when connecting the equipment.

This is a complete printer that also has fax, so you will have everything you need on a single computer. And for you to work with greater comfort, the team has a feeder to load your documents so you don’t have to load them sheet by sheet.

Designed for those who need complete equipment and do not mind dispensing with the color, let’s see some more details about this multifunction printer.


Full functionality: The printer has both the copy, scan and print functions as well as the fax.

Print speed: The machine is capable of printing up to 20 copies per minute in black and white, with the corresponding quality.

Volume: This model has a volume of copies that reaches 10,000 pages per month, being suitable for intensive use environments.


Color printing: This printer does not allow color printing since it only includes a cartridge for printing in black.

WiFi Configuration: The WiFi configuration process can be somewhat more complex than it should, being advisable to follow the instructions to avoid inconveniences.

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