The Best Multifunction Printer For Office- Reviews, Analysis And Purchase Guide In 2020

At present, more and more users are leaving aside the best multifunction printer for office and switching to multifunction models. This is a change that has to do with both the greater number of functions that include these models and the price of them, which has become cheaper so that the cost of a multifunction is not much higher than that of a conventional printer. So it is not strange that users bet on the full functionality offered by these devices.

Products like the Epson Expression Home XP-342 printer, with which to have printing, scanning, and copying with an output resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi and WiFi connectivity for greater comfort. But if you want to expand your capabilities, the Brother DCP-J4120DW model It is capable of working even with prints in A3 format, with good quality and print speed, as well as practical functions such as double-sided printing.


Comparison Chart Of The Best Multifunction Printer For Office


Epson Expression Home XP-342 – Multifunction inkjet printer (WiFi, 1200 x 2400 DPI, 3.7 cm LCD), black color

  • The printer has the functions of these models, such as scanning or copying documents, being able to work in both black and color and at quality levels that reach 1200 x 2400 dpi.
  • It is essential that you use the product with some frequency since this is one of the models that present major problems with the drying of ink derived from inactivity.
  • This is an already classic model in the market with which it is easy to completely cover all your domestic printing needs and the like.


Brother DCP-J4120DW – Professional Ink Multifunction Printer (WiFi, A3, A4 automatic two-sided printing)

  • This model expands the printing capacity by allowing you to work with all types of documents in A3 format. This is something that gives you more possibilities when printing, both in black and color.
  • In case you are missing some of the inks, both of the black cartridge and those of color, the printer will stop working, unlike other models that continue printing as they can.
  • This is a large format printer with full functionality and a professional finish for all your printing tasks.


Canon PIXMA TS3150 – Multifunction Printer, Duplex Printing with Manual Operation, Black

  • It is one of the cheapest models we have analyzed. And despite this, it is also one of the most interesting when it comes to printing photographs and documents with high quality, as it corresponds to the brand.
  • Some users comment that the process of configuring the WiFi connection is somewhat complicated, being advisable to follow precisely the instructions included, as well as the other assistants in the process.
  • An interesting combination of cost and the print quality that is really attractive when equipping us.


The Best Multifunction Printers For Office On The Market


The multifunction printer continues to gain ground to the conventional one since it offers many functions without an excessive cost increase. Something you can check by just checking out some of the best multifunction printers of 2019 that we have selected for you. Products that include different technologies and that range from the simplest and cheapest options to the most professional.


Epson Expression Home XP-342

In our search for the best multifunction printer for the office of the moment, it is necessary to stand before the Epson Expression Home XP-342. A product tested and known in the market with which it is easy to print, copy or scan documents without too much trouble.

In fact, its output resolution is 1200 x 2400 dpi, so it is enough to print photos at a good quality. A printer that has a control system based on a panel and an LCD screen where you can manage your functions and even load contents from your SD card reader, located on the front of the product.

And so that cables are not a problem, the WiFi connectivity of this model and Epson’s own app simplify the process of printing from any mobile device, regardless of whether you use Mac or Android.

When deciding which the best multifunction printer for office you is can find, there are always classic products that do not usually disappoint. And this Epson model is one of them.



Quality: The printer works with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, so you won’t have to worry too much about the definition and quality of your prints.

WiFi connectivity: WiFi connectivity adds extra convenience when printing from all types of mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets.

Screen: The 3.7 cm color LCD screen allows you to see everything more clearly, as well as use the printer without a PC.

Configuration: The configuration process is not complicated, neither in the wired connections nor in those that use WiFi.

Card reader: The card reader allows you to do without the PC when making prints.



Drying cartridges: As with this type of product, it is necessary to print from time to time to avoid problems with drying ink in the cartridges.


Brother DCP-J4120DW

The Brother DCP-J4120DW is the solution for those who believe that the best multifunction printer for office should be able to print not only in A4, but also in A3. A complete product that generates quality printing results at speeds of 20 pages in black and 18 in color.

This quality is also available when making copies or scanning documents, which you can comfortably run from the printer thanks to its large control panel. This is a modern and efficient model that also has the almost essential WiFi connectivity, with which to print from almost anywhere and from any device.

And if you have not decided on which multifunction printer to buy, this model also has a system of individual cartridges, which keeps printing costs at bay.

Qualified by a good number of users as the best brand of current multifunction printers, let’s analyze in detail what this Brother model has to offer.



A3 Format: This model allows you to work with documents in A3 format as far as printing is concerned, thus having more options for printing.

Speed: The product has a print speed of 20 pages per minute in black and 18 pages per minute in color.

Connectivity: The product includes WiFi connectivity, with which to simplify the printing process from virtually any mobile device.



A3 feed: In case you print on A3, you will have to load the paper using the manual slot, unable to use the conventional tray.

Use of inks: Some user comments that the printer has some drawbacks with the use of inks, blocking at the time that some of them are still missing printing in black.

Canon Pixma TS3150

 As we said at the beginning, buying a multifunction printer has never been so cheap. The proof is in the Canon Pixma TS3150 model, which offers multiple printing options for documents and photos, as is usual for the brand.

This is a quality print with the adequate speed in all its functions, both scanning, and copying. This product has a large keypad with which to control the equipment and its functions, as well as the WiFi connectivity that allows you to forget about the cables.

This is a task in which your app, available for both iPhone and Android, makes printing from any mobile device easy. So few are surprised that we are talking about the best price-quality printer we have analyzed.

So that resorting to cheap multifunction printers is not a problem, we leave you some more details of everything that this product offers you.



Photographic printing: If you are looking for a model with which to make quality photographic prints, this is a good option.

Keypad: The wide side keypad allows you to keep the entire printing process at bay and configure it as you like.

WiFi: WiFi connectivity makes it easy to print from all types of devices without the need for cables or complications.



Installation: Some user comments that the installation process via WiFi is more complex than desirable, being convenient to be patient to achieve results.

Cable: The printer is not accompanied by a USB connection cable, so you will have to buy it separately.


HP LaserJet Pro MFP M26a

If you are looking for cheap multifunction printers in terms of printing costs, it is necessary to make the leap to the world of the laser. And in this segment is where we find the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M26a model.

A compact and efficient product with the usual design of HP equipment and the functions of copying, scanning, and printing in black and white, as it corresponds to a monochrome laser printer. This is something that allows the printer to accelerate printing to 18 copies per minute, so it is suitable for handling large volumes of documents without waiting. Documents that are printed at a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, perhaps adjusted but sufficient for the type of documents you can manage.

And so that you do not have problems in handling, the equipment is completed with a control panel in which it is easy to configure the different functions of the equipment.

Let’s see some details of this complete laser printer, with which it will be easy for you to decide which is the best multifunction printer for the office you can find.



Speed: Like a laser product, this multifunction printer reaches an output speed of 18 pages per minute.

Printing cost: Thanks to the laser printing technology and the different modes of use that this model includes, it is possible to significantly reduce your printing costs.

Control panel: The included control panel makes the process of managing the different product options easy.



Quality: The maximum print quality is 600 x 600 dpi, adjusted for what is usual, although sufficient for simple black and white prints.

Loading documents: The scanner does not include a document feeder, so if you have to work with large documents you will have to scan them sheet by sheet.


Kyocera Ecosys M5521

 Designed for those who need a color laser multifunction printer, the Kyocera Ecosys M5521 model is an interesting novelty to effectively cover all your needs. And this model not only copies, prints and scans, but also has a fax function.

These functions use that laser capacity to give you a good impression, both in black and in color, with a good quality that even generates reasonable photographic prints.

Moreover, this product also ignores the cable and connects directly to your WiFi network, so it will be easy to print from any device. This is something that also helps the compatibility of the product with the Mobile Print app.

Although this brand is best known within the professional segment, the truth is that this model may also be suitable for an intensive home user.



Fax: In addition to the usual scanner, copier, and printer functions, this model also has the fax function.

Ecological: The Ecosys technology of this model requires only changing the toner when it is used up, being more ecological and reducing printing costs.

Connectivity: The WiFi connectivity of the printer and the apps offered by the manufacturer make the process of printing or scanning documents from mobile devices easy.



Dimensions: The product is somewhat larger than normal models have been, so you will have to look for space.

Control panel: The control panel is improved in terms of navigation and the different control options of the device.


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