The 4 Best Pointers For Presentations-Reviews And Buying Guide In 2020

When making a presentation in any environment of your professional or student life, using a presentation pointer is a very helpful resource. in case you are looking for the best pointers for presentations, the first thing you should not forget is to evaluate the most options until you find the ideal one for you. That is why we review a wide range of offers that we analyze thoroughly, also consulting each user’s comments on each option. Thus we managed to identify two models that are positioned in the market.

First, the Kensington K72426EUIt has a range of 50 meters and a wide compatibility level through its Wifi connection, with a practical control mode thanks to its on and off button, in addition to a light weight of 90.7 grams that facilitates its transfer and handling . As a second proposal, the Logitech R400 model also turns out to be attractive as it is a plug and play type, so it does not require software installation.



Comparison chart of the Best Pointers for Presentations



Kensington K72426EU – Wireless presenter, black color


  • By having a green laser it can differentiate itself from the rest of the models, allowing the user to take advantage of this type of light that is considered much brighter than the conventional red laser, giving a better level of pointing and visualization.
  • Users point out as negative the fact of not including the option of using an external memory, although this does not influence its main pointer function.
  • This pointer has a good level of lighting when using green lasers, a very simple control panel and an elegant design; In addition, it is quite light, so its portability options are quite comfortable.




Logitech R400 – Presentation pointer, black


  • It incorporates a simple, but useful indicator of the battery level that allows the user to take the corresponding forecasts to replace it when necessary, so as not to run out of the pointer at the most important moments.
  • Apparently, its compatibility with computer operating systems is limited, since the manufacturer only mentions among the software compatible with the different versions of Windows.
  • The pointer will help you to make your presentation having a good level of displacement, without causing exhaustion when holding it for a long time, accessing its functions directly and without requiring a complex installation process.





Wireless Controller, Doosl® Wireless Controller for Powerpoint Presentation with Pointer, Powered by 1 AAA battery.

  • It has a competitive range of range by providing 100 meters in its signal receiver, granting a high level of movement to the person who holds the command control.
  • Some users have questioned the quality of the control buttons, noting that the plastic is not to their liking, but there is no specific comment that says it does not work properly.
  • With this pointer you can make your presentations from any corner of the room where you are, carrying it in your pocket without being noticeable thanks to its compact design and taking advantage of its simplicity of installation and operation.




Buying guide – What is the best pointer for market presentations?



To proceed to choose a pointer to make your presentation, you must consider certain key factors. That’s why we make a guide to buy the best presentation pointer, as a way to advise you in your selection process, looking at various elements beyond how much it costs or that it is economical.




The idea when using a pointer during a presentation of any kind is that you can move away at a comfortable distance from the surface where the content or slides you are showing to the public are reflected. Hence, the scope of the pointer is decisive to know how useful it will be during the presentation.

Certainly, it is recommended that you lean towards models that admit a considerable distance so that you have greater freedom of movement while noting any aspect in the area of projection of the image. The common distances that are in the market are around 10, 15, 50 and up to 100 meters, so you just have to analyze which one will favor you the most when using it.


Installation mode

The installation mode is the process in which the device is enabled to operate. It must be a simple procedure, with simple steps to which you should not devote much time so that you can prepare quickly in the room at the time of starting the presentation.

In this sense, it is recommended that you prefer models whose installation is plug and play, which consists of installing the receiver on the device with which you will use it. Generally, this is a computer, and you should recognize the device automatically to start receiving orders from the remote control. The receiver comes in the form of a USB connector for easy connection and storage.


Dimensions and weight

The portability and storage of this device are two aspects that have a high level of influence when choosing a product of this type. To do this, you must check the dimensions of the device and what its weight is, because this will allow you to know how comfortable it will be to take it with you from one place to another, if you can easily store it in your backpack or even in your pocket.

Also, taking into account that you must hold it in your hand during a large part of the presentation you make, it becomes more necessary that it be light so as not to be uncomfortable, to facilitate movement and fluency to complement your presentation with good body language .



When you are evaluating a model you must pay attention to its design; First, it values the most superficial elements such as the combination of colors, the fact that it is soft to the touch, if it has a visually attractive structure or if on the contrary it is quite discreet and even imperceptible.

Secondly, look more in the practical aspects, such as in the distribution of the buttons, the level of ergonomics that it provides, if it incorporates some light to know that it is active, or some way of knowing that the battery is not working correctly. All these elements directly influence the driving experience.


Mode of use

In the comparison of pointers for presentations, it is also mentioned that the mode of use offered by a particular model makes it more attractive for users, hence it is also necessary to review this aspect.

In addition to the simple installation, it is important that the model has the essential quick-action buttons that allow you to move from one slide to another, turn on and off, activate or deactivate the laser to indicate any region on the projection surface, among others.

These are all functions that make a team provide a good level of handling, so if the model that catches your attention meets some or all of these characteristics, then give it another positive point when assessing it.




Connectivity and compatibility

Remember that since it is not a wired pointer, that is, it works through a cable, connectivity options are essential to consider that you are facing a good model. That’s why you have to make sure you have the latest technology to complete your connectivity with the receiving device.

The most common is to connect via Bluetooth or Wifi. You should also inquire about compatibility with the devices with which you plan to use it, as well as with their respective operating systems.

In the case that you always use the same device to make your presentations, you can choose one that is compatible with your operating system, or on the contrary if sometimes you must use the pointer with different equipment, then you prefer one whose level of compatibility is more high, with at least the option of being used with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.


The 4 Best Pointers for Presentations – Opinions 2019


Because there are many pointers for presentations that exist in the market, we decided to make a selection of the most promoted by users in order to check which of them meets your requirements.


  1. Kensington K72426EU Wireless Presenter


Main Advantage:

This pointer has a green laser light, which gives you more brightness and stands out above the projection during presentations. In addition, it has an ergonomic structure and the remote control can reach 50 m.


Main Disadvantage:

A user considers that the buttons could be very sensitive and confuse the activation of the functions. However, the joystick gives you more control and practicality.


Verdict: 9.7 / 10

This device has a USB connection and the remote control has LED backlighting, in addition, for greater autonomy, it turns off when it is inactive for 3 minutes.



Main Features Explained



This pointer has an ergonomic, dynamic and modern design. Also, its structure offers a rubber grip to facilitate control and has a light relief, to hold it comfortably on the hand, preventing it from sliding.

In this sense, it has a joystick for the control of the cursor, which allows you to turn with your thumb easily in the direction you want. Also, it offers four buttons to quickly change slides during a presentation.

This device offers LED backlighting, so you can have the best visibility for the buttons, even in places with low light. Also, if you are not using the control, it will automatically turn off to save energy. On the other hand, it has dimensions of 3.6 x 14.1 x 17 cm and has a weight of 200 g, so it gives you lightness, versatility and the possibility of taking it with you wherever you need it.



This pointer has a green light, unlike the standard red laser light. The light of this pointer has no interference caused by the reflection, since the output brightness is intense. In addition, this color attracts the attention of the public with great ease, since it allows to have better visibility on LCD screens or plasmas.

You can also use the cursor controller in two different ways; If you are making a presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote, you can use it as a mouse by simply activating the change button. In this sense, the buttons on both sides respectively fulfill the function of right and left click and the joystick works to move the cursor.

It has a powerful 2.4 GHz remote control, which can reach up to 50 meters. In this sense, you will not have to worry when making presentations in large spaces, where the screen could be far away, since its light is powerful enough.



This device has a wireless USB receiver that can be easily incorporated into your computer, since it is stored inside the pointer, so it will not take up additional space and you will not have to worry about losing it. In addition, the pointer has on and off buttons, to use it only when necessary and extend the life of the batteries.

As for the additional components, it includes two AAA batteries, instruction manual and a carrying bag, in this way you can protect it from external agents and, if necessary, take it on a trip with all the accessories you require.

As if that were not enough, it is compatible with the most used operating systems, such as Mac OS X and Windows 10, 7, 8, and 8.1, which gives you practicality when using it with your computer.



  1. Logitech R400 Presentation pointer


 Among the best pointers for 2019 presentations, this specimen developed by Logitech that expels red laser and works correctly in a range of 15 meters is also mentioned, which represents a considerable distance that provides an adequate range of motion.

For its installation you only need to connect the receiver to the device and it will automatically recognize it thanks to its plug and play mechanism, without the need to install software and waste time with this operation. It also has an ergonomic structure and easy to store and transport, weighing 59 grams.

Its operation does not require the reading of an instruction manual because in its body it includes all the control buttons and direct access to the different functions it offers. It also has an indicator on the state of the battery, which will help you make forecasts in time and a case for added security when saving it.

Logitech has the necessary support to compete for the position of the best brand of pointers for presentations:



Design: The Logitech R400 model stands out for having buttons of different sizes, highlighting the ones that take care of the slides, which will help you identify them more easily and not make a mistake in your presentation.

Indicator: The same pointer has a remaining battery indicator so you can know exactly when to charge it and do not take you by surprise just before presenting, for example.

Installation: It works with a Plug & Play system, that is, it does not need special software; The same connection to the computer is responsible for recognizing and configuring it automatically.

Case: You can easily carry it everywhere and keep it free of dust thanks to the carrying case that is included with the purchase of the product.



Distance: Unlike other models of pointers for presentations mentioned, the R400 has a range that reaches up to 15 meters, which could be a bit limiting when working with it in large rooms.



  1. Doosl Laser Pointer Presentations


 With this powerful laser pointer you have the possibility to move in a high range of 100 meters, which is the level of reception that the device has and that gives it a competitive value among the other models. Its installation process is quite simple, because it does not require any driver, so you just have to install the USB receiver to start working.

In addition, any computer where you connect it can recognize it, since its configuration allows compatibility with the most used systems that are Windows, Mac and Linux.

Another aspect that is attractive in terms of this specimen is its light weight of 27.2 grams along with its dimensions of 13.9 x 2 x 1.8 cm, which facilitate its transfer and grip for a long time, in addition to having materials elaboration with a good finish that provide a feeling of softness to the touch.

It also has special functions such as energy saving and has the basic buttons on its front area for better control.

These tools are very useful both in studies and at work and if you do not know what pointer for presentations to buy, consider the pros and cons of each option:



Scope: This Doosl brand device announces a connectivity range that reaches up to 100 meters away.

Installation: It is Plug & Play so you can start using it without wasting time installing programs or downloading files online.

Weight: It is a lightweight and easy to handle model. Its weight is just 27.2 grams.



Materials: It seems that some buyers consider that the materials used in their manufacture could be improved so as not to feel the pointer as “plastic”.

Touch: Others comment that it is necessary to integrate some kind of touch that allows to distinguish each of the buttons, since in the dark they are easily confused.




  1. Huacam DGF RF 2.4 GHz Wireless USB remote control


 This laser pointer for presentations has earned its place in the preferences of the buyers, for having an intuitive handling by including all the quick action buttons located on the body of the same, with dimensions of 14 x 2.6 x 2.2 cm , and a weight of 50 grams without the built-in batteries, so it is very light and easy to store.

On the other hand, it can work in a range of 15 meters with respect to the receiver, which is a USB connector that does not need drivers to start working, being quick to install.

This added to its compatibility is quite high, because it works well with both Windows and Linux and Mac systems, so you should not worry about this aspect.

Not only can it be used with presentations, but with different programs such as those belonging to the Microsoft Office package; hence you will have more possibilities to use it.

When you handle your presentation with a wireless pointer, the entire event is much more enjoyable and professional:



Materials: The DGF-23N model is made of ABS plastic, a strong and durable derivative that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the product for a long time.

Functions: The pointer can activate black screen before the presentation, which is very useful to not scandalize the viewer when displaying a first slide full of color.

Installation: It installs very easily: you just have to connect the receiver to the computer, wait until it links to the pointer and that’s it, you can use it to your liking.



Batteries: You should know that this device requires two batteries to work, when other models only use one.

Reception: It is mentioned in the reviews that the equipment may have inconvenience of signal reach after a few meters away from the computer.



Kensington K72426EU Wireless Presenter


 This model has a range of range that is located at 50 meters, resulting in a considerable level to move a wide distance from the receiving device and the surface where the presentation is projected.

In addition, users consider it the best pointer for presentations, as it has a USB type receiver that is installed easily and does not take up much space, since it is stored inside the same pointer.

This added to its dimensions of 18.6 x 13.8 x 7 cm and weight of 90.7 that make it light and practical to transport and hold during the presentation.

On the other hand, it does not require software to start working, by incorporating plug and play technology, also having a good level of compatibility with various operating systems. Its general control is very simple, by including the basic and immediate action buttons in the front area of the green laser pointer.

If you want to invest your money in a model that could become the best pointer for presentations of the moment, check out this option:



Design: The Kensington pointer has a modern and yet ergonomic design. The device itself has a compact size and a light weight of 90.7 grams that, combined with its ergonomic shape, will help you hold it comfortably throughout the presentation.

Modes: You can choose two modes of use: using the laser pointer or controlling the computer cursor. In addition, you can also activate the backlight of the buttons to know which one does what when you are in a room with poor lighting.

Scope: The signal range of this pointer for presentations is approximately 50 meters, very useful for large events where you cannot get very close to the screen.

Laser: The laser with which you will indicate the different points of interest of your presentation is an intense green color, much more striking and easy to appreciate than the classic red used.

Case: And so you can carry it comfortably wherever you need and do not lose either the pointer or the USB receiver, the purchase includes a zipper case.



Memory: It was noted that several buyers consider that it would be a total improvement for the USB receiver to include extra storage in order to carry the presentation on it.




How to use a laser pointer for presentations


A laser pointer is a small device that emits a beam of light in order to indicate a specific point or place. The laser pointers for presentations are used in order to take full control of the sample to be presented, without having to be next to the computer that stores it, thereby achieving greater dynamism and better impact on listeners. To use this device you must follow the steps below.




Battery installation

The first thing to do, just open the box containing the pointer, is to install the battery. Being a wireless product, it is necessary to have these energy sources for proper operation.

The battery comes in the form of batteries and depending on the model we will use one or more. Sometimes they will be included in the pack. However, we always advise you to verify this detail. You don’t want surprises in front of your audience.



Some models contain an internal memory in the receiver that allows you to carry your presentation portablely. This is very useful when performing this type of action in places where the computer we use is not ours and we need some agility.

There is also the possibility that said receiver contains a microSD card slot. If this is your case, you must insert said card, with the information that you have previously loaded, in its corresponding slot.


Tuning the USB receiver

Once we have put the batteries and checked the memory of the device, we proceed to the tuning of the receiver. For this, we must know that most of the most modern models have Plug & Play technology.

This means that simply connecting the USB receiver to the computer will automatically configure it for proper operation. Otherwise, the software will be given on a CD so that you can install the software manually on your terminal.



Depending on the device, we will have the option to connect to the receiver using Bluetooth or WiFi technology. We must match the two elements and, once done, take into account the recommended and maximum distance between the objects for proper operation. You can consult this detail in the instruction book that is attached in the product box.





Once the devices are paired, we proceed to check the controls. These will be different in each model and brand, but as a rule you will have the “next slide”, “back”, “on” and “off” buttons. Depending on which brands, you will have an informative screen to know the status of the batteries, buttons that will allow you to change programs and even switches to vary the sound of the presentation.



If we have done all the steps correctly, we just have to open our presentation and prove that the buttons activate the desired action.



It is necessary to warn of the damages that these objects can cause if they are used improperly. Never point the pointer at the eyes and avoid leaving the device within the reach of children.




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