The Best Scanner For Office – Reviews, And Buying Guide In 2020


When it comes to scanning documents, there are many options we have to choose from. Although the important thing is that the model you choose is of sufficient quality so that the digitized documents maintain the level of resolution and presence of the physical documents.

A task where you can count on the help of modern scanners, equipped with different levels of resolution and with the format that suits you, depending on what you have to scan. If you are looking for the best scanner for office and easy-to-carry model, you can use the Canon imageFORMULA P-208II scanner , with which to scan up to 8 pages per minute at a good quality, with a 10-page charger. And if what you need is a handheld scanner, the ScanMarker Air model It has a small size, connects with cable or Bluetooth and recognizes written text in up to 43 different languages, to give you greater versatility.



Comparison chart of the best scanner for office


Canon imageFORMULA P-208II – Portable Document Scanner (8 ppm, 10 ADF sheets, Standard USB 2.0 Interface, LED Light Sources), Black

  • This portable scanner can travel comfortably in your suitcase to scan all kinds of documents wherever you are, with a modern efficient and double-sided scanning system.
  • Although the scanner is compatible with WiFi operation, it is necessary to buy an additional accessory to provide connectivity to the product, which increases its cost.
  • A portable scanner that you can take wherever you want and that offers you adequate efficiency and quality so as not to hinder your work.




ScanMarker Air – OCR Pen Scanner, Reader and Translator


  • This model allows you to scan words and small text elements, both for later storage and to translate them, thanks to the included function that is capable of working with up to 43 different languages.
  • The product requires high precision when working, especially in texts with small fonts, as well as some learning of how to use it.
  • A scanner that you can carry in your backpack, so you can work wherever you want without difficulties.



Must A3 USB F2400N high speed scanner


  • With this scanner you will not have problems as far as the document format is concerned, because it has enough space to scan files in A3 format, with adequate quality and scanning speed.
  • The inner layer of the scanning area is black, which subtracts some light when scanning documents with thin or transparent paper.
  • A suitable solution so you can scan all types of documents regardless of their size.




The best scanner for office on the market


Deciding which is the best scanner for office with which you can equip your office or your home is not always easy. You have to be clear about what documents you are going to scan, at what resolution and with what volumes of work. All this without forgetting that there are also portable scanners, which you can take wherever you want, while always maintaining the minimum necessary quality, which is sometimes diluted in cheaper scanners. Anyway, to make it easier for you to decide which scanner to buy, we leave you some interesting models and with various functions adapted to almost any use.


Portable scanner


Canon imageFORMULA P-208II



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The Canon image FORMULA P-208II portable scanner is the most appropriate solution if what you need is a portable product that you can carry in your mobile office. And it is that this model has been designed specifically for these uses, so that its size and weight are not especially annoying. This does not prevent the product from having the necessary work capacity to be level, with details such as a 10 page feeder and a scan speed of up to 8 pages per minute.

In addition, this portable scanner does not need plugs, since it obtains power directly from the USB port, to make everything easier. Something that also helps the automatic detection functions, with which the scanner adjusts the parameters of color, text orientation and improvement. Good help with which to obtain a scan ready to use image.

To take your scanner wherever it is necessary, Canon offers you this practical model, with which you will not have to stop your activity.



Portable scan: Thanks to its design, this scanner can go with you where you need it, since it has a compact size and a weight of 590 grams.

Food : Despite its size, the product includes a 10-sheet feeder, which saves time when loading your documents.

Efficient: The scanner is capable of scanning up to 8 pages per minute, also having the ability to scan double-sided.



WiFi : Although the product has the ability to operate via WiFi to transfer data, it is necessary to purchase an additional module for it.

Image quality: Due to the characteristics of the model, the scan quality is 600 x 600 dpi, enough for text, but perhaps poor for medium and high resolution photos.





ScanMarker Air



The ScanMarker Air handheld scanner is an interesting solution if what you are looking for is a pencil scanner. This model has adjusted measures, similar to those of a pendrive, with a scanner in the area of the tip that is capable of recognizing numbers, text and even barcodes. A product that can transfer this data either via Bluetooth or wired connection, as you prefer.

However, its functions do not stop in scanning, since it can also recognize text for 43 different languages, as well as make translations of the text you are scanning. A text that is directly reflected in the app, compatible with both Android and iPhone terminals and of course PC and Mac.

So you can copy and organize it as you wish, saving you time in the processing of your documents. All this in a product of adjusted cost, which is close to becoming the best price-quality scanner of our selection.

If you do not know which scanner to buy but you are clear that you need a compact pencil-type model or one that is among the cheap scanners, know more details about this product.



Translator: The translation function is responsible for converting the text you have scanned to the language you want, being very useful for language learners.

Connectivity: You can connect it through both Bluetooth connectivity and conventional cable, depending on what you need.

Compact and autonomous: Since the product has a compact size and its own battery, you can take it wherever you want and use it anywhere.



Accuracy: Sometimes, small errors appear in the application, so that some symbol like ”! “It may appear as l, especially if the letter is too small or unclear.

Learning: In order to obtain efficient results during use, it is necessary to devote time to aim correctly and understand the operation of the equipment.



Must F2400N



The A3 Must F2400N scanner is a suitable solution for those who need to scan documents larger than conventional documents. A dish type product in which we can perform high quality scans and at a reasonable speed, about 2 or 3 seconds for a resolution of 200 dpi. A model that is compatible with Windows and MAC systems, while being accompanied by a good software offer, with which to make the management of your documents easier.

The scanner can operate in predefined modes, to scan for copy, sent by email, OCR or PDF. Options for which you have a specific button for each of them, which simplifies its operation. A product that you can connect directly through the USB port that it includes, which also does not complicate the installation process of the device.

So that handling scans of any size is not a problem, know in depth this Must model.



A3 : Due to its size, you can scan all types of documents up to the A3 size standard.

Quick process: You just need 3.5 seconds to scan A3 documents at 300 dpi.

Software : It is accompanied by various programs that make the scanning process easier.



Feeder : Since it does not include a feeder, you should be patient when scanning multi-page documents.

Auction : The inner layer of the scanner is black, which reduces brightness when scanning fine papers.




HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1



The HP ScanJet Pro 2500 f1 scanner is the most efficient solution for scanning large amounts of documents in a short time and without problems. A complete document scanner that has a flat scanning surface but including a sheet feeder that makes everything much easier. As much as its capacity of two-sided scanning, which simplifies the processes of document management.

A model that offers you a resolution of 600 dpi in black and 1200 in color, more than enough for the management of different types of documents. An efficient product that stands out among the best scanners of 2020 for its speed, capable of reaching 40 images per minute or approximately 20 pages per minute. And for you to scan as you want, the included application allows you to customize the process, as well as launch it directly with the press of a button on the scanner.

Considered by many users as the best brand of scanners today, let’s look at the outstanding features of one of its most notable representatives.



Automatic feeder : The automatic feeder allows you to load the documents to be scanned and forget about the process while you do something else.

Speed: The product is capable of scanning up to 20 pages per minute, speeding up the document management process.

Different destinations: You can scan directly to the cloud or to different destinations using the software included with the device.

Two-sided: This equipment allows you to scan two-sided, with the time savings this entails.



Resolution: The maximum resolution is 600 dpi in black and 1200 dpi in color, although, since we are talking about a product for document management, it is sufficient for this use.

Size: We are not talking about a small product as far as space is concerned, also having free space at the top to use it comfortably.



Epson Perfection V600 Photo



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The Epson Perfection V600 Photo scanner is the most suitable tool to scan all types of photos, slides or movies easily. A versatile product, which supports these uses thanks to its design and the special support it includes for this purpose. A team that has Digital Ice technology, which improves the appearance of films and photographs, eliminating dust, dirt and other elements that should not be there.

To obtain a better quality, the product reaches a scanning power of 6.4000 PPP, being more than enough for those high quality scans. It also includes a value correction system using histogram, which adds even more clarity to the scan. All this in an easy-to-use product, even when restoring those scans, so you don’t have to learn complicated procedures to scan everything you need.

Let’s see some more details of this Epson scanner and the features it offers to scan what you need.



Resolution: The maximum resolution of the scanner reaches 6,400 dpi, for great results.

Versatile : The product can scan everything you need, offering you high quality in this process.

Improvement : Improvement technology removes dust, dirt and other elements from your scans.



Improvement system: It is convenient to monitor the scanning improvement system, because sometimes it does not work as well as it should.

Drivers: Drivers need to be updated when you receive the product, which is not always easy.


Brother ADS1100W


 Having a WiFi scanner, such as the Brother ADS1100W model, is a fast and efficient solution for scanning all types of documents without cables.

This document-type scanner has a compact size and ample working capacity, to the point of having automatic duplex or double-sided function, as well as the ability to load up to 20 documents in your feeder, thus accelerating the scanning and handling process. The biggest documents .

It also has a rear slot for scanning IDs and other similar cards. And for you to use it on all types of equipment, the product is compatible with Windows, Mac and even Linux, offering high versatility in its connectivity. All this without forgetting the extra that involves the WiFi functionality of the device in terms of accessing the scans.

Gain space and comfort in your office with this handy WiFi scanner, which we analyze below.



WiFi connection: The WiFi connection allows you to dispense with the cables when using the product.

Efficient : The page feeder and the double-sided function save time when scanning documents.

Compact : It has a compact size and can be placed anywhere without taking up much space.



Output collector : The product does not include output collector, so documents can be scattered.

Placing documents: Placing documents is essential to prevent scans from twisting.



Canon CanoScan CS9000F


 Designed to scan everything you need, the Canon CanoScan CS9000F scanner is one of the most complete equipment we have analyzed. And it is that this scanner is capable of working with documents, photos, negatives, slides and virtually any other element. For this, the product has a resolution of 9600 x 9600 dpi for movies and 4800 x 4800 dpi for photos and documents, so that you perceive every detail in that scan.

A quality model, worthy of being the best scanner for officeof the moment, which is also efficient in terms of speed, scanning a document in A4 color in about 7 seconds. A product that has also improved its efficiency, changing the conventional bulb for an LED, which reduces the consumption of the product and does not require heating.

If you are looking for the best scanner for officein the current market, discover all the features that this model has to take that honorable position.



Multi-purpose: This scanner is capable of scanning documents, slides, photos, negatives and almost any document you have to scan.

Resolution : The maximum resolution reaches 9600 x 9600 dpi for movies and 4800 x 4800 dpi for photos and documents.

Working speed: This model has high efficiency, scanning an A4 color document at 300 dpi in just 7 seconds.

Low consumption: Thanks to the modern LED technology that includes the device, the energy consumption of the equipment is significantly reduced.



Size limitation: The maximum size of the file that manages the software included with the scanner is 100 MB, although you can always use another one if you need it.

Dimensions: The product is somewhat spectacular, requiring enough space for installation.



Brother DS720D


 Also located within the range of portable scanners, the Brother DS720D model is another interesting alternative with which to scan documents anywhere. A complete model with a scanning resolution of 600 dpi, enough for different documents and simple graphics.

To save you time, this model has automatic two-sided scanning, as well as the option to set destinations such as scan to PC or PDF, depending on the output format you need.

These options can be configured with comfort through the software included with the device, so that you bet on what is most convenient for you at all times, thus saving complications in the scanning process. A device that ends with a scan speed of 7.5 sheets per minute, so that the process is not particularly slow.

Let’s take a look at some more details about this Brother scanner and all the functions that it puts at your disposal to scan anywhere.



Lightweight and compact: This scanner has a weight of 499 grams and compact measures, which make it easy to take anywhere.

Energy consumption : The energy consumption is reduced, also with USB power, so you do not have to go looking for plugs.

Configuration options : The configuration options allow you to set the output and scan mode that suits you at all times.



Sheet feeder : This model does not include a sheet feeder, so they must be added one at a time.

Software : Some user comments on certain problems with the software on Mac computers , although with a good update there are no problems.




Guide to buying scanners


In an increasingly digital world, the scanner becomes a tool with which to transform all kinds of documents into this format. A tool that, if properly chosen, will not be a problem when it comes to processing even a large number of documents. But for this it is necessary to have a team adapted to what you need, for which our guide to buy the best scanner for officewill be very interesting.


Shopping guide


Type of scanner

The first aspect to assess has to do with the scanner model we need. At present, there is a good offer of conventional scanners, as well as laptops, from which we can choose.

Conventional or table models are the most common, commonly used both in offices and in our home. They come in different designs and sizes, depending on what you need. On the other hand, portable models are the most suitable solution for scanning anywhere. They are compact, lightweight and can be taken where necessary.


Size and type of scans

When it comes to scanning, it is convenient to be clear about what we are going to process. And it is not the same to scan documents as photos or slides. So the first thing we need to verify is the type of scans we are going to perform and their size.

And, as we can see in any comparison of scanners, the offer is wide. In it we find the scanners dedicated to slides and negatives or the models that also serve for photographs. Unconventional models but with good utility.

If we bet on normal models, we have scanners in different format . The most common are the scanners in A4 format, with which to scan documents in folio size and smaller. But if this is too small for you, you can always use A3 scanners. Something that increases how much the product costs but, in return, we have greater versatility when it comes to scanning.


Scan quality

Since we have covered these sections, it is time to talk about the quality of the scan. A variable quality depending on the different models and that we can adjust as we scan only text and graphics or if we scan photos. In the first case, we can bet on models with resolutions of 600 dpi, being adequate to obtain a good image quality in these documents. This resolution is also suitable for text conversion using OCR.

But if we have to scan high quality images, photos and the like, it’s time to raise the ante. In this case, it does not hurt that the scanner reaches at least 2,400 dpi, although if possible it is appropriate to give way to 4,800 dpi models. However, although they are not among the cheapest models, some scanners reach 6,400 dpi resolution.

By the way, since we talk about quality, it is also worth checking out the scanning speed of the product. The longer it is, the less time it will take to scan your documents and the more time you can devote to other things. Do not forget, when comparing, that the scan time depends on the resolution you choose.


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Other elements of interest

Once we have completed the main elements of these products, it is time to look for the elements that distance an economical scanner from a high quality product. Small extras that will help you get more out of the team.

Among these elements are aids such as the sheet feeder. This feeder makes the process of scanning documents with many pages much more comfortable, because you won’t have to go page by page. The same goes for models that include a double-sided scanning function, so you will save time in document processing.

And if you want to improve the quality of photos and images, many scanners have technologies that allow you to do so, eliminating dust, noise and other unwanted elements. Something that leads us to talk about the software that accompanies the scanner, which should always be verified. And it is that an efficient management software helps you both get more out of the product and make its use more comfortable.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: Why when scanning does a line come out?

The presence of a black stripe in the scans is usually a sign of dirt on the scanning element. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully clean the scanner glass and the ADF area, through which the document passes in case a document feeder is used.

If after cleaning the problem continues to reproduce, it is possible that the product has suffered some kind of breakdown, which we can try to solve with a reset of the equipment. If this last remedy is not useful, it will be necessary to seek technical assistance.


Q2: Why when scanning colored stripes come out?

The appearance of multiple colored stripes when scanning is a symptom of a product failure. It is possible that the error is only communication, so the connections of the scanner, as well as the wiring must be verified. It is also convenient to connect the scanner directly to the wall and not through a strip, as evidence. If this does not solve the problem, it is probably due to a scanner failure, which would require specialized technical assistance.


Q3: Are portable scanners good?

Although everything depends on its resolution, the truth is that portable scanners are usually good when it comes to scanning documents and graphics. And these products have resolutions of 300 to 600 dpi, so they are not suitable for scanning images and photographs, but for documents that we have to scan en route. However, if it is a question of scanning photos in high resolution, it will be difficult for us to find a product that offers an adequate level of quality.


Q4: Which is better, scanner or multifunction?

Since they are two different products, each of them has its own peculiarities. What is certain is that, in general, independent scanners usually have an extra image quality with respect to integrated scanners and multifunction equipment.

As a reference, these scanners usually have resolutions of about 1,200 dpi, while independent scanners can increase image quality up to 6,400 dpi. So if the integrated model is enough for you, you won’t need anything else, but if you want the best of the best, an independent scanner will always be better.


Q5: When do I scan waste ink?

The scanning process uses the lamp located on the top of the multifunction device, as well as the page feeder, if installed. Therefore, since the printing system of the equipment does not have any presence, it does not waste a single drop of ink. If you spend ink, obviously, in case we decide to make copies using the computer scanner.


Q6: Why doesn’t my scanner scan color?

Leaving the obvious fact that we are trying to scan in color with a scanner that only scans in black, this problem is usually due to improper configuration of the scanning process. Therefore, it will be necessary to review those options and select the color scanning options.

If the scanner continues executing the process in black, it will be necessary to disconnect it from the power and reset it, also checking the connections with the PC, just in case. If finally the problem persists, it will be necessary to resort to technical help. However, some manufacturers have diagnostic applications that you can try, as a last option.


Q7: What advantage does a scanner with sheet feeder have?

The sheet feeder is a considerable help when it comes to scanning documents with a certain number of pages. And is that compared to what a conventional scanner offers, the feeder is responsible for passing the sheets through the scanner without having to put them one by one. This translates into a better scanning process and a good time savings in the process, in addition to having the entire document scanned in a single file.


Q8: When I scan a document, can I modify it?

When we scan a document or a photo, what we get is a fixed representation of it. In the case of images, it is possible to modify them, using any photo retouching program such as Photoshop or similar. In the case of documents, they cannot be modified or edited beyond the graphic aspect (more brightness, more contrast, etc.).

But if we have to modify them, we can always use the text recognition or OCR function and hope there is luck in scanning the document so that recognition is efficient.


Q9: Why doesn’t the scanner communicate?

If the scanner is connected via USB cable, it will be necessary to verify that these connections are made correctly, by slightly tightening the wiring. It is also convenient to see if the USB port of the device works as it should, testing with another device or using a new cable. Another issue we can check is to verify that the scanner connection software is correctly installed. A reinstallation of the software can be useful to solve the problem.


Q10: When I scan a document, where is it saved?

The destination or location of the document depends, first of all, on what we have configured. If we have not configured anything about it, the usual thing is that the scan has gone to the My Windows Documents folder or to the PC desktop. However, the scanning tool itself allows you to access the document, in most cases, as well as locate it easily.


Q11: Can you scan without cartridges?

It all depends on what the printer manufacturer has decided. In theory, it is possible to scan without using the cartridges, since this process does not waste ink. But it is true that some manufacturers of multifunction printers block their products at the time when cartridges are not detected or they do not have ink. So it will all be a matter of trying your luck.




How to use a scanner


The use of the scanner can be as simple or as complex as we want. It all depends on whether we need a simple scan of a document or if it is necessary to execute additional functions to get the maximum quality of the scan of a photo or image. To make this process easier for you, let’s give you some more clues to get the most out of the product .




Scanner Installation

The first step we must take is to install the scanner. For this, it will be necessary that we connect the scanner to the power, as well as that we plug the USB cable to any compatible port of our PC or laptop. Although Windows can recognize the product and proceed to its installation, it is highly recommended that we use the drivers that are included with the product, as these usually offer better results than the usual drivers that the operating system brings. Follow the instructions that the software gives you to proceed with its installation.


Placing the document

As a first step when scanning, it will be necessary to place the document correctly on the scanner. If the product has a sheet feeder, the document should be placed with the text facing up and the front of the text pointing towards the sheet feeder. If it is a plate model, we must place the text face down and with the front part to the left. However, in both elements there should be a pictogram or drawing that indicates the specific orientation of the document.


Starting the scan

In current models, the scanning process can be started directly from the scanner itself or from the software just installed. In case we want to do it from the scanner menu or with the included keypad, simply choose the scanning mode and the destination (for printing, PDF, mail delivery, etc.).

If we do it from the PC, we will have to start the corresponding software and press the option to start the scan. It is important to know that scanning is not the same as previewing, serving this last function to see if everything is in order before scanning.




Improving the scan

Unless we tell our scanner otherwise, that scan will be executed with the default options. Something that may be enough for text scans or simple graphics, but that may not be enough to scan images.

Or the features of the document may require some help to offer a better image. Some models have different modes, which modify the scan parameters according to whether we want to scan one type of document or another.

If this is not the case, on the scan screen of your computer you will have different functions both to increase the resolution of the final scan, as well as to modify aspects such as brightness or contrast. And since you can always preview that scan, you will not have problems to do the necessary tests until you find the perfect formula.




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