The Best UPS For Gaming PC – Purchase Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

The UPSs allow our electronic equipment to be given a little more life when the flow of electrical energy goes out of the standard control. They are activated so that the equipment continues to give optimum performance even if there are interruptions of the electrical service due to climatic variations or some other external cause. This is how brand, power, and design become important characteristics when we are in search of the best ups for gaming pc.

It is important to take into account the ignition time that guarantees the equipment that we connect, as well as the protection when there are sudden increases or decreases in voltage that can cause a short circuit of the equipment. To take a quick look at some of the many products, you will find the APC BX1400U-which has compatibility with iMac, and other devices, to monitor from them, for example, the state of the battery. On the other hand, the Salicru 647AA-16 has a USB port and has three electrical outputs for electronic equipment.

Comparison chart of the Best Ups For Gaming Pc

APC BX1400U-GR Back-UPSBx 1400VA – UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply, 4 Schuko Sockets, AVR, USB, Shutdown Software

  • It has 4 electricity outlets, which will allow us to connect the most important devices that we require when we run out of electricity. That is, we can have the monitor, CPU, and printer connected to a device that may be of our choice.
  • The respective beep that emanates once the electric power service is suspended can be annoying. However, this aspect prevails in most models, as it is a security method.
  • It is not the most economical on the list, but it is one of the most complete, has six outputs to protect equipment efficiently and has automatic voltage regulation.

Salicru SPS.2000.SOHO + – Uninterruptible power supply (2000VA, 3 x interactive Schuko)

  • It has an autonomy of 40 minutes, which allows additional time to complete any process that deserves a few more minutes after we have run out of electricity at home. In addition, it has a USB type connection to connect other devices.
  • It has a high price if we compare it with other models. This could subtract points from this model because we do not always have adequate capital to acquire such models.
  • Through its LCD screen, we can visualize the evolution of electricity that has the device and the performance of our devices that are connected in it.

OvisLink Cobalt 500+ Interactive Line 500VA 3AC outlet (s) Compact Black Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • It has 3 outputs for the respective connection of artifacts of interest. This will allow the most essential to fulfilling an efficient task even after a low light has left our home in the dark. We can conclude processes successfully.
  • Its dimensions are large, which could be negative if we want it is an artifact that has small measures, especially houses with a tight space, in which it may not fit.
  • It has an appropriate power line to give the proper functioning of our equipment, in addition to providing the appropriate stability against variations in electricity.

What Are The Best UPS For Gaming PC In The Market?

To ensure the continuous performance of our equipment, an Uninterruptible Power Supply is necessary. UPSs are that solution if we want to avoid discomfort when light dips occur and we are on the verge of losing an important job.

In this sense, it is essential that, in addition to knowing its functionality, we take into account the number of tickets it offers as well as the number of minutes available to safely close our computer processes. Below, we present a guide to buying the best ups for gaming pc, so that you decide on a good option.

Which are the best ups for gaming pc of 2020?

The Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems, better known as UPS, allow us to give our equipment adequate performance against sudden increases or decreases in voltage. That is why we must take into account its characteristics, to find the most appropriate model.

A fundamental detail is knowing that it provides power to the equipment after the electricity is gone home, also if we have a small or large space for it. In this order of ideas, five models are presented for you to choose the one that meets your design and performance needs.

Recommended Products


 Main Advantage:

By having an output power of 1400 watts and Line Interactive technology, you can protect your devices from 5 of the most common problems that occur in power networks.

Main Disadvantage:

The model does not have noise suppression on the line, which is a function that some users might look for in a UPS. However, it can still be very suitable.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is an efficient device to protect your devices from several of the faults that could occur in the power grid and has a sufficient output voltage

Main Features Explained


To provide a constant and adequate voltage load, which allows you security for your electrical appliances, this model provides a technology called Line-Interactive. This can adequately solve the most common problems that could happen in an electrical network, such as power failure.

In this case, the device provides your connected devices with the necessary supply from its internal battery. It is worth mentioning that the charging time for this battery is only 8 hours, which is a convenient time for such a device.

On the other hand, it can also regulate both under voltages and overvoltages with more or less prolonged duration, as well as suppressing current peaks or voltage drops. This is why it can cover the 5 problems that most commonly affect, so we can rate this UPS as efficient.

Security and exits available

As regards the number of devices that you can connect to this model, we must mention that it has 4 Schuko outputs. These may be sufficient for both domestic and office use, as it offers you the possibility of connecting several computers or other devices that you want to protect.

Another feature that makes this model an interesting UPS is that its lead-acid battery is completely sealed and maintenance-free. In addition, it has a leak-proof electrolyte, which makes this model a simple and safe option to use.


As regards the practicality granted by this model, we can mention that, in case there is a problem with the current, you can know it immediately thanks to the audible alarm. Also, you can have the advantage of having a visible signal because it includes a status indicator LED.

On the other hand, it may be of your interest to know that the device offers a cable length of 1.22 m which can be very practical, so that without the need of an extension you can connect it to the nearest plug.

You will also be pleased to know that it includes a Powerchute Shutdown software through a USB port. This is very convenient for your computers to have a proper shutdown, thus preventing the loss of data when an incident occurs with electricity. To do this, the manufacturer provides both instruction manuals and video aids that will make it easier for you to use this function properly.

Salicru 647AA-16

 It could be one of the best ups for gaming pc of 2019 because it has a power in volts of 2000 or the equivalent of 1200 watts of electrical power. Before the short circuits that could occur, it has an immediate interruption to provide the necessary protection to our equipment.

In case of blackouts against natural causes where electricity goes and we are working or playing on our equipment, we can give an appropriate closure without letting it intervene in our performance. It has a robust design, also weighs 9kg.

Thanks to its fuse, this Salicrusai has protection against short circuits, which will prevent deep discharges from accessing the heart of our machine and ending its performance. It has an LCD screen to see the evolution of the device that we connect to it.

Although there is no consensus on what is the best ups for gaming pc brand in the market, seeing products like these, this Salicru model has ballots to be. Let’s get to know the product in greater depth.



The digital display included in the product makes it easier to see both the battery charge level and the other important data of the model.

Built-in fuse:

The built-in fuse protects your equipment as well as the UPS itself, preventing a possible voltage surge from damaging them.


This product has a power of 600 watts, so you can keep both your computer and other equipment alive, easily.



The model does not have an off switch as such, so it is necessary to unplug it to turn it off completely, otherwise it would be in standby mode.

OvisLink COBALT 500+

 If we question its price that is accessible, we could deduce that this is the best price-quality UPS of the moment. It has a total power of 500VA or 250 watts, which gives a margin of 20 minutes to close the tasks on the computer and perform a safe shutdown after the suspension of the electrical service.

It is an OvisLink UPS, designed for the protection of computers that are located in personal or office areas. This model provides a safeguard to our computer equipment, but at the same time, it is compact and lightweight.

Its battery capacity is 4.5 Ah, which requires a temperature range of 0-40ºC, a detail that must be taken into account to avoid overheating that affects its performance. It has the possibility of three inputs to protect monitors, CPUs or printers.

For those who do not know what UPS to buy and do not need too much load capacity, this model that we analyze below can be a good solution at an adjusted cost, since it is also among the cheapest UPS of the moment.


Triple connection:

The model offers a triple electrical connection, with which to support up to three devices at once.


Compared to other UPS models, this product is somewhat more adjusted in size and weight, which makes it easier to place it anywhere.


Its 500 VA of electrical capacity allow you to have an approximate autonomy of about 20 minutes to shut down your equipment safely.



This product is only capable of generating 250 watts of power, which may be somewhat scarce for equipment that has a high energy demand.

Power outage:

In the event of a power failure, it is necessary to press the shutdown button so that the product maintains its proper functionality.

Coolbox SAICOOSC600B

 When we look for the best ups for gaming pc of the moment, sometimes we focus on its design, since we are looking for a model that is compact and fits in tight spaces. This model has 300 watts of total power to provide the necessary support to three home appliances.

With a competitive price, this protector against power surges and blackouts has a type of connection of Schuko sockets for easy use. In addition, it has an intelligent system that allows it to automatically restart while the power is recovered.

It has an autonomous feeding time of 30 minutes, to save documents in which we are working during blackouts in some natural event, such as thunderstorms. Thanks to its microprocessor, it guarantees high control efficiency.

An alternative to conventional UPSs are the strip-format UPSs, in which traditional-style plugs are available, although with the usual battery protection and support. In addition, it is the best ups for gaming pc for 50 euros that you can find today.



The product design has a very compact size so that it hardly takes up more space than a plug base or a conventional extension.

Smart system:

The intelligent system is responsible for monitoring the operating voltage, as well as restarting automatically while the current is recovered.


Total load:

The load capacity of the product is 300 watts, which partly limits the power and consumption of the equipment that we can connect to the product.

Loading time:

For the battery to reach its maximum capacity, 8 hours of charging are necessary, which can be a lot in areas with frequent cuts.


 When we ask which is the best ups for gaming pc, we find that this model is one of the cheapest. It is an uninterruptible power supply system that has two outputs for the connection of electronic devices that we need to protect against rises or changes in electricity.

It has a power of 450 watts for a performance of almost 1000 watts of total electrical power. It is ideal for it to perform a domestic operation and thus give the necessary protection to our most important equipment.

Its power provides the possibility to conclude and close the procedures that we are performing on the computer with a time of approximately 17 minutes. Its design is robust and results in a weight of 4kg.

Within the current market offer, you also have simple UPSs, to place anywhere and enjoy both its autonomy and its improved electrical protection.



This model has a weight of about 4 kilos. So you will not have problems to move it or place it where necessary.


It is a very silent mode, which you will not notice that you have at home until the light goes out and the alarm of the equipment warns you of it.


Product Information:

The information offered by the product is limited to just three lights with which we must control its operation. Something scarce perhaps, although enough for its basic character.


The theoretical time of autonomy of the product is 17 minutes, which can fall short in case we have an electrical emergency and several things to do.


 It provides the necessary power for our equipment, as well as security and protection overpower surges to equipment of interest such as computers, multimedia HDD, WiFi, game consoles, among other electronic devices.

It has four Schuko outputs of average power for the operation of 1400VA over an electrical power of 700 watts. It has an automatic voltage regulator (AVR).

It is very simple to use. However, it includes an instruction manual that explains its installation and operation in more detail.

Finally, it should be noted that it lasts 8 hours charging the battery, something that you should take into consideration before using it with your electronic equipment.

If your team needs to have the best ups for gaming pc of the moment, the APC BX1400U-GR model is a powerful and interesting proposal, but not only for your PC but for more devices. Let’s look at this equipment in greater detail.


Output power:

This model is suitable to cover gaming equipment and other devices with high demand, up to 700 watts in total, with which to continue working without problems.


The model incorporates four Schuko outputs, so you can connect different equipment to the UPS and keep them active and protected.

Surge Protection:

The product incorporates protection against overvoltages, both for your equipment and through the data line, generating greater security.


Loading time:

Due to its high capacity, the battery charge time can reach 8 hours, which should be considered as a handicap if the cuts are frequent.

How to use a UPS

In an electrical installation, minimum energy fluctuations are common and do not usually damage equipment such as refrigerators or coffee machines; However, other devices are more vulnerable and having a UPS can prevent failures related to these changes. If you have purchased one, here we explain some aspects that may interest you for its proper use.

Safety precautions

Because it is a device that works connected to electricity and has the ability to store it, it is even more important to take into account safety-related care. One of the most important recommendations is always to use properly mounted electrical connections and in accordance with current standards.

This is because one of the essential requirements for this type of device is to have an electrical supply that has a properly grounded connection. On the other hand, avoid connecting a UPS directly to sockets whose voltage is doubtful, in the same way, we recommend using only cables that have been approved.

How to make connections

Some of these devices are received with a total charge of their batteries so that as soon as you receive them, you can connect them to the power of your home, press the power button and proceed to connect your devices in their corresponding sockets. If this is not the case, you must connect it to the power and wait for the UPS to indicate that it is ready to be used.

Generally, the device has an LED or even an LCD screen where you can know this data. Regarding the number of devices that you can connect, you just have to take care not to exceed the maximum output voltage allowed for your device. This can happen if you connect high-power devices such as a laser printer.

On the other hand, it is important that you never disconnect the UPS from the power grid when you have other devices connected, even if there is a power failure, this is because the grounding connection is still necessary and is part of the circuit.

In case of power failure

When a power failure occurs in the home network, the batteries will begin to provide the devices connected to the UPS with the electricity supply they need, this means that they will begin to discharge at a speed directly proportional to the energy that the connected devices require. Take the necessary measures to properly turn off the devices before the batteries run out completely, this will help you to use them as soon as possible as soon as the power is restored and you do not have to wait until the UPS is available again.


In case you need to make a fuse change, which is the most common maintenance in these devices, it will always be essential to replace it with another of the same size, format, and type.

On the other hand, the internal batteries of the UPSs need to be completely discharged from time to time, review the recommendations in this regard for your model and try not to omit them, since this depends on the possibility of prolonging the useful life that can offer.

The most popular brands

When the electrical power that allows electronic devices to operate autonomously fails, it is necessary to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply or by its acronym, you may know them as UPS. With this product your electrical equipment will be able to work normally for a few additional hours until the alternating current can be restored, so, in this space, we will mention some of the leading brands in the development of UPS equipment.

APC was founded in 1981 by three engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who worked for the United States government; At that time, it was known as the American Power Conversion Corporation and its research was based on the use and development of solar energy. Then, when resources were limited due to lack of capital, they began working on the protection of alternating energy by introducing an uninterruptible power supply or UPS to the market.

By 1988 the company no longer belonged to the American government and its shares were auctioned on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the name of APCC. Between 2006 and 2007 Schneider Electric was responsible for acquiring the company APC. However, the European Union placed it as a condition that they disregard the global UPS business with the company MGE UPS SYSTEMS.

Currently, APC by Schneider Electric is popular in the market, because it has equipment with high-quality standards and the popular Smart-UPS; that protect the connected networks and equipment from high, low and electrical voltage surges that could damage them.

It was founded in 1911 by the young Joseph Eaton, where his initial foundations were to make automotive parts. Therefore, his first innovative idea was to form a truck axle with gears.

Over the years, the brand acquired more companies and its name changed with each acquisition, until in 1963 after obtaining Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co. they remained with the name of Eaton Corporation. Then, in 1978 they acquired Samuel Moore & Company, Kenway Systems, and Cutler-Hammer. In this way, they already had enough brands to cover the automotive and electrical sector market with new products.

Eaton currently has uninterruptible power supplies among its product ranges and among the most popular you can find the Eaton 9SX UPS and Eaton 9PX UPS; This equipment can provide security to your electrical appliances, home and work networks against electrical failures. On the other hand, the emergency lighting UPS will give you the ability to keep the lights on in case of an emergency and you need to evacuate.

It was founded in Barcelona, Spain by Jacinto Salicru in 1965. Its origin began with the development of transformers to regulate the electrical voltage. In 1973 they enter the UPS market with the design of their first prototype and, later, they set out to dominate the European market with their innovative products.

This company is made with a good international reputation because it exported powerful electronic products with high-quality standards. Then, they begin to expand throughout Spain, France, and Portugal with new subsidiaries and delegations. For 2015 the company celebrated its 50 years of success since its inception.

Sailcru has products for home and office, guaranteeing the protection of electronic equipment with its uninterruptible power supplies, frequency inverters, energy efficiency solutions and protective strips against voltage surges. In addition, among its most prominent teams, you will find the SPS SOHO 600; This product has Line-Interactive technology, which will automatically regulate the voltage and keep it stable during possible power failures. In this way, you will have your electronic equipment working without energy interruptions.

Shopping guide


UPS types

Depending on the task for which we put it, we must first establish a comparison of UPS, to see which the performance that best suits our needs is. In this sense, there are models that have a recommended performance for people who work in play areas.

However, there are other models that have less power, that is, they last less on. The average of a UPS is approximately 30 minutes, unless it is for gaming. These variations are satisfactory for those who have executive jobs or want to use it domestically.

On the other hand, there is the size of the UPS. The compact works well if we want to use it for tight spaces or if we already have many devices in place. It is good that we can move it without having many complications or making a lot of effort.

As for the big ones, they usually have many advantages, but they will weigh much more. A small one will be between 3 and 5 kg, while a large one can weigh around 10 kg.



The resistance is a detail that must be evaluated in depth, since from there we will know the duration of the equipment on when there is a downturn in electricity or we simply run out of it. Some equipment varies with a total voltage that ranges between 1000 and 3000, so that its performance time is of quality.

In this sense, they provide a number of minutes that range from 15, go through 30 minutes and even reach 60 minutes, enough time to safely close all programs. This is related to the watts of power that the device has. But, it is not only about when we run out of energy, but when there are variations in electricity and the equipment can suffer from high and low voltage that can damage it.

Many times autonomy has to do with the weight of the product; larger UPSs usually have more power and can power the devices for longer.


You take

We must know the number of shots that it brings to select which will be the electronic devices that we can connect to it. On several occasions we give importance to the monitor, CPU and printer, so that we can even make one last impression if it is required before your extra energy time passes and it turns off.

On other occasions we require that there are some leftover connections left to have the possibility of connecting additional elements such as bugles, some additional internet network or a television that we need to use as support. The number of shots ranges from 3 to 6 or even more, which increases proportionally to its size.



On the other hand, it is necessary that they provide the necessary security and protection to the electronic products that we connect in it. In this we must focus, well above the fact of its price, since it is about giving the necessary protection to the equipment and thus avoid that the power surges end its usefulness.

The main enemies of our electronic devices are short circuits and overloads. A good UPS should ensure an intelligent system that can control the variations in electricity in the product, so that in addition to providing prolonged performance after a power failure, it can control its voltage and stabilize it safely.



If what we are looking for is a team that is economical, we must pay attention to its functions so that they match our needs. Knowing how much a team costs is worrying when we don’t have enough capital. Therefore, it is necessary that a UPS is in the medium of accessibility, which is not very expensive, much less have a bad functionality.

In a way, brands are linked to price, however it is worth noting the variations that occur between those that offer more functions and those that are functional, but are priced according to what we are looking for. It is simply necessary to have a product that can withstand a little more operation of the equipment and thus give it a decent shutdown that prevents irreversible damage.

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