The Best Cardholder Wallet – Reviews And Buying Guide In 2020

When it comes to organizing your business cards, IDs, or bank cards, a good cardholder is very helpful. A model that comes in many types of styles, sizes, and designs, so deciding which is the best cardholder wallet depends on many factors. Among them, the fundamentals must be the space you need, in terms of grooves and dimensions, without forgetting the style of the product.

Among the most elegant models on the market, we have the Adorner ACH1-ES-R1 cardholder, made of metal with rounded corners, and that adds to its utility the RFID lock with which to avoid problems with your credit cards. If what you need is a model for organizing your office cards, the Herlitz 5505011 cardholder offers you a space to store up to 128 cards, which you can consult comfortably thanks to the quality of the plastic sheets where they are stored.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Cardholder Wallet

Adorner-Credit Card Holder

  • This metallic cardholder combines an elegant design of rounded corners with an interior space protected against data theft through RFID, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • The space for the cards is quite fair, so it may cost you a little more work to put them inside the areas designed for that purpose.
  • It is an elegant and very practical cardholder with which to have all your cards organized and always at hand.

Herlitz – Cardholder for 128 cards, black color

  • It is one of the broadest models we have analyzed, so that inside, you can store up to 128 different cards, which are also always in sight easily and without complications.
  • In this case, we talk about an office cardholder since it is somewhat bulky to take it with you when you are away unless you have a briefcase or similar were to transport it properly.
  • It is a very large cardholder in which to organize and store all your cards and have them at hand when you need them.

Victorinox Swiss Card Case, Black Leather

  • This model is one of the most compact, so you can carry the essential cards in a cardholder that will not bulge in your pants when taking it, nor will it provide more weight than necessary.
  • The cardholder does not include a separation between the cards that are stored in the main pocket so that they can rub and deteriorate over time.
  • It is an elegant cardholder with a beautiful leather finish and everything you need to take your cards anywhere.

The best cardholders on the market

The cardholder is an efficient tool with which to organize your cards of all kinds without taking up too much space in your wallet, and you can always have them at hand. Quality products like the ones we have selected from among the best cardholders of 2019, with which to cover all kinds of needs. So, if you are not sure which card to buy, discover our proposals, with which you will solve a good part of your doubts.

Adorner ACH1-ES-R1


The Adorner ACH1-ES-R1 cardholder is an elegant metal product made entirely of stainless steel on the outside, making it very easy to carry and show off. A quality product, which is perceived in details such as rounded corners, that do not damage clothes or get caught.

Inside we have six slots in which to organize your cards comfortably and keep them protected even from the most unexpected threats. And this model has RFID shielding, so if you carry your bank cards inside, you will not have to fear for the theft of data from them.

A model that is finished off with a very efficient clasp, which keeps the cardholder closed and its content protected from dust or dirt, as corresponds to a model that is close to being the best cardholder wallet of the moment.

If you want to know the best cardholder or at least one of the most prominent of the moment, you just have to continue reading what we have found about this model.


Finish: The rounded finish does not break the clothes and prevents scratches typical of other models.

Material: This metallic cardholder has been manufactured in high-quality stainless steel, with a bright and very colorful finish.

RFID Protection: This model includes RFID protection, which prevents the theft of data from your bank cards.

Opening: The clasp closure has the right resistance to prevent accidental opening but without being too annoying.

Resistant: The material supports rubbing, repels dust, and protects your cards against moisture, to prevent deterioration.


Capacity: The capacity is for about six cards, seven at most, so if you need more space, surely another model suits you.


Herlitz 5505011


If you are looking for a cardholder where you can have all the cards of your contacts at hand, the Herlitz 5505011 is all you need. This model, located among the cheapest in the market, has a size of 27.4 centimeters high by 12 wide, with 64 double-sided pockets and no reflection in which it is easy to insert the cards and always have them view.

It also has a quality material that does not deteriorate with friction, as with other models on the market. It is finished off with an artificial leather cover with the brand logo printed on a metal base, giving the product an extra touch of elegance.

A model that would be close to being the best value for money cardholder we have analyzed.

Because cheap cardholders can also be practical, let’s see some more details about this office model and everything it can do for you.


Space: This model offers you space to store up to 128 cards inside, adequately organized.

Exterior: The leather exterior adds a touch of elegance to the product while protecting its content.

Plastic separator: The plastic of the sheets is of high resistance so that the separator of each hole is not damaged with use.

Notch: The notch on the top of each separator facilitates the process of introducing it into each of the available spaces.


Space: For cards of more exceptional thickness or size, it may cost you slightly to put them in place, although it is not problematic either.

Opening: Due to its design, it can remain somewhat open, especially when it is full.


Victorinox Swiss Card


Although its presence in this selection may be strange, the truth is that the Victorinox Swiss Card leather cardholder deserves the position notably. And it is that this simple cardholder has a comfortable design, as corresponds to Victorinox, with enough space to store up to four bank cards or any type, as well as a separate pocket for your business cards.

A complete product with an elegant high-quality black leather finish topped with the brand logo printed on the outside. A compact product that is perfect for when you do not want to carry the full portfolio bulging in the pants, with the additional elegance of its black finish.

And you should not worry about resistance either, because the model adequately supports the passage of time, according to some users.

Although to say that Victorinox is the best brand of cardholders today would be excessive, the truth is that this model that we analyze below does have high quality and practicality.


Interior space: The cardholder has ample space in which to introduce the cards you need to always carry by hand.

Ultrathin: Even with full compartments, the thickness of this product is very tight so that it won’t get attention in your pockets.

Business card pocket: It has a separate pocket in which you can carry your business cards.


Separators: In this case, the product does not have spacers, so the cards are together and can rub against each other.

Interior part: The device has a somewhat large interior part with the brand logo that does not just make much sense in the design.


Dlife FD0086E


The Dlife FD0086E model is placed inside the modern metal-made card holders designed with RFID protection that prevents theft of intensity and other problems when carrying our bank cards. It also has a rigid and resistant construction, based on high-quality premium aluminum.

This cardholder has measures 10 centimeters long by 6.5 wide and 0.8 thick, offering space to store approximately four or five cards, depending on their thickness. Some cards that you can easily remove from the inside with the switch included at the bottom, which puts them at your disposal without problems from the top of the cardholder.

A complete model that is finished off with eight colors to choose from, so you can bet on the one you like best.

Thought to take your cards comfortably wherever you want, we see some more details about this model.


Material: Since the cardholder has been manufactured in premium aluminum, this model has high strength and durability.

Push-button: The lower push button is responsible for removing the cards inside the card, so you don’t have to remove them manually.

Protection: Due to the external construction of the product, it prevents the cardholder from damaging your clothes due to corners or bad finishes.


Weight: The cardholder weights almost 60 grams, which can be annoying for certain users.

Rubbing: As with other open cardholders and without dividers, in this model, the cards may rub against each other during use.


Derriere la Porte


As the name implies, this model of Derriere la Porte is a beautiful wallet card holder for women, with which to keep you “super organized” and have everything at hand. And this product has space to store up to 28 cards inside thanks to its 14 double cases, also facilitating the process of finding the card you need at any time.

Also, these covers are made of a soft but resistant material, so they do not deteriorate with use and will not cause damage to your cards derived from rubbing with the plastic. A cardholder that closes with a clasp and a pressure button, so you will not have problems with the zipper hooks of these models.

And if all this does not convince you, take a look at its beautiful printed exterior, which tops off a practical and, at the same time, fun product.

If you are still not sure which cardholder to buy, let’s see some more details about this model of Derriere la porte and how it can help you organize your cards.


Capacity: Despite its small size, this model has enough space to store up to 28 cards.

Plastic sheets: Each plastic sheet has a design that makes it easy to insert and remove the cards without deteriorating or rubbing the cards.

Exterior: The beautiful exterior print gives a fun touch to the cardholder in front of the plain models.


Thickness: In case your cards are thick, it is possible that the width of the cardholder increases, although it is something that is planned at closing.

Weight: The weight of the product is 59 grams, standing at the top of those analyzed by this parameter, but without being too heavy to be annoying.

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