Departmental Scanners Are The Last Help To Expedite Office Work

One of the main drawbacks that the arrival of electronic administration has brought us is the need to scan huge amounts of documents. It is true that this process, in the end, helps to simplify everything that has to do with the storage of these documents and their subsequent processing, since it is not necessary to handle physical paper but scanned documents. But, in parallel, the need arises to have a tool that scans these documents efficiently.

This task is where the new and best departmental scanners become the best ally. This type of scanners incorporates all the improvements of the moment, always depending on the clear model, so that we only have to load those documents so that they are scanned efficiently. A segment of the market in which the manufacturer Brother is one of the most prominent, as we can see in his Brother ADS-1700Wl model.


A scanner for small and medium businesses

The Brother ADS-1700W departmental scanner is a product designed for a loading level of about 1,000 images or daily scans, so it is useful for both small and medium-sized businesses, and even for use in public administrations. If necessary, this manufacturer has models with a greater scanning capacity, so that the daily amount of images to be processed is increased to what is necessary.

In order to save us scanning time, the product works at a speed of 25 pages per minute in black and white or in color, which can reach 50 pages per minute thanks to its ability to scan in double-sided mode. An automated function that is activated only when the scanner detects this type of printing, in order to save storage space and make documents lighter. However, in this aspect we find one of the weak points of the device, since the capacity of the feeder is only 20 sheets, which does not match well with the speed we are commenting on.




At least, the loading process is extremely simple, since it is enough to place the documents in the feeder of the top of the device, the operator being able to carry out other operations while those documents are scanned. To prevent copies from scattering after scanning, the device also has an output tray at the bottom, keeping them well sorted in the same order in which they were originally scanned.


Scan Quality

In order to clearly see the scanned documents, the product has a working resolution of 600 x 600 in optical mode, although if we activate the interpolation of the scanner it increases to 1,200 x 1,200. A scan with a quality of 256 colors in grayscale mode and 24-bit color, in case of color documents. So you will not have problems to obtain high quality images and documents that can be read without complications.

This scan can be executed on all types of documents, with a maximum limit in terms of paper size in A4 format. The advantage of this model is that the product does not include the annoying guides of other equipment, but it is enough to center the documents in the feeder of the scanner so that the product loads them and recognizes them correctly. Something that allows us to scan different document sizes in the same batch. We can also scan documents in the form of a card, such as driving license, identity cards or bank cards, for which the device has a port designed for this purpose.



As a final highlight it is necessary to talk about the product control system. Something that adds extra quality to the processing of documents and saves time when it comes to scanning. Specifically, the model has a touch screen from which we can control all functions. Starting the scan is as simple as pressing a key and starting as the documents begin to parade.




As if this were not enough, the product also has WiFi connectivity, to make the process even easier and do without the PC. This connection allows us to send these scans directly to a network folder, to an FTP server or even send them by email to a default mailbox. Solutions with which it is easier to choose the connectivity that suits us and make this document transfer process even more efficient. A wide connectivity that is finished off with a USB port located in the back, so that you can take the physically scanned documents in any memory device.

By the way, another function that allows us to access this model is the tools and mobile apps of the scanner. These apps make work in mobility even easier, in mobile offices or anywhere, with no need other than the scanner, WiFi connection and a smartphone. The app shares the simplicity of use of the device that we have seen in the use mode with touch screen, so it maintains the productivity necessary to make the most of it.



We close our analysis with the most painful part of it, which is the cost of the device. This model has a cost around 275 euros, so it is somewhat more expensive than other models we can find in the market. Anyway, it is an investment that you will pay off in a short time thanks to the fast scanning speed of the device and the considerable comfort it offers us. Enough for the scanner user to save time and be more productive when scanning documents. Something that, in the long run, will save money and amortize the device.




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