The New Functional Desks Are The Solution To Have Everything Tidy

When it comes to working comfortably, having an orderly and well-organized desk is essential. Among other things because if we have a desk crowded with a job or a workspace in which it is impossible to find anything of the disorder that we have in your space inevitably we will end up frustrated and wasting more time looking for what we need, instead of complying with our labor obligation

Luckily, the market offers all kinds of solutions with which to organize our workspace better, having for it all sorts of functional desks in which it is easier for everything to have its place. Some offices break the current trend in models that are not more than a simple table, offering multipurpose spaces and other elements with which it is not difficult to have everything in place.

Size Matters

When choosing one of these functional desks, we should always start talking about the available space. A space that must be adjusted to the space that we have in the room in which we are going to place the desk, although always taking into account that the product must be placed appropriately, with an adequate space around it that allows us to move with excellent comfort.

This size also depends on the activity that we are going to execute since it is not the same as a desk in which we are only going to work with papers than in one that we also need space to place a computer or a laptop. So do not forget to take into account your specific needs to adapt the available space to your real needs.

The good news is that in the market we can find all kinds of desks as far as measurements are concerned, from those with measures of about 90 centimeters wide by 50 deep, the smallest ones, to those that are about 1.2 meters wide by 60 deep, which would be the largest. In between, we have all kinds of options to bet on the one that suits us at all times.

Space format

If we take a look at any offer of desks that we have at hand, it is easy to see how there are universal products, open desktop, and others of specific use. Among the latter are the computer tables, which have particular spaces to place the monitor, the tower, the keyboard, and even the speakers, offering high quality in terms of space organization. Anyway, some users still want to use a computer, prefer to resort to conventional or open type models, so everything is a matter of preference.

Without reaching the end of these models, other products have separate sections on the desk surface, so it is easier to organize things on the surface. Depending on the model, we can find small shelves in the corners, a bottom shelf similar to the one that would have a conventional scribe or even supports or small side shelves with different height, ideal for placing small objects. So it all depends on what you need in your workspace.

Creative solutions

Anyway, what these functional desks are advancing the most is when it comes to offering new alternatives and innovative solutions to make better use of the space. An example we have in the desks with built-in shelving, so that one of the legs of the product is replaced by a conventional shelf with the standard height, thus having enough space to place everything you want and have it at hand.

If this solution is not suitable for you, because it is too large, you can always use the models with shelves integrated into the desk leg. These models replace this conventional leg with a small shelf that opens to the opposite side of the work area. So the user has only to reach out to the outer leg of the desk to access the small objects stored there.

In this section, we also want to comment on the material organizers that some desk drawers include. We talk about small plastic pieces, similar to those of cutlery so that we can place in this area our pencils, pens, drawing instruments, and everything we need without having to resort to a conventional pen. Once we open the drawer, we will have access to everything we have stored there without wasting the rest of the drawer space, thanks to the mobile design of this piece.

Maintain the documentary flow

If your job requires the use of different documents, which then travel to other departments or that are archived, for example, it is critical that in the approach and design of that workspace, there is a reserved space to maintain the Documentary flow properly. A process that is not always included in the design of conventional desks, so it does not hurt to see if it will have space to place the necessary accessories for this management.

Among these elements, we have the stackable trays, which do not take up too much space and that allow these documents to be classified according to the processing status in which they are located. Although it is a handy option, we also have the disadvantage that the trays tend to take up a lot of space, being also necessary that the plate is in a comfortable location, where it does not bother when moving.

As an alternative, we can use vertical organizers, which reduce the physical space occupied by the trays and add an extra to the visibility of the documents. As if this were not enough, it is also possible to resort to floating shelves, which are hung directly from the table using a thumbscrew. An alternative with which you gain space on the table while keeping your documents at hand.

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