Tarín And Del Barrio Estudio: Ministerial Briefcase Workshops

In this article we will announce two of the most recognized and prestigious leather workshops in Madrid: Tarín and Del Barrio Estudio. These shops offer products of very good quality and recognition, given that even government ministers, as well as the president, order their official briefcases in these workshops.


TARÍN: three successful generations

Tarín is a workshop specialized in developing leather products located in the city of Madrid, Spain on Hortaleza street. It was acquired in the year of 1972 by Esteban Tarín and until today a certain style and some artifacts of the time are preserved, which makes the place striking and elegant.

On their counters you can see different types of accessories: from suitcases, briefcases, briefcases, wallets and much more. Although it continues to work as a craft workshop, it has not been easy for Tarin to stay in business, especially with the modernization, novelties and accessibility offered by today’s accessories. In addition, a product made of leather is usually much more expensive than a canvas, for example.

However, the successful location of the premises, as well as the fame that they were acquiring over the years, have managed to be pillars for the business that Esteban started to continue today three generations later.

It was the year of 1977 when staff working for the government of the then president, Adolfo Suárez, decided to enter the local Tarín to acquire a wallet made of leather and, although it was not an official purchase for a minister, the quality of the portfolio achieved establish a link between the store and the government that is already surpassing the four decades of trust and guaranteed quality.

The Tarín family has been dedicated to keeping the quality of its products intact while continuing to modernize some models in order to adapt them to the needs of today’s users. For example, among its options in what could be the best document holders of 2019 , you find alternatives with classic designs and details at hand, but that, inside, offer a very practical storage distribution for objects such as cards, pens, IDs, money in cash, coins and much more.




The official Tarín briefcases

Since one of the factors that most influence the recognition of the Tarin workshop is the manufacture of official briefcases for government personnel on duty, it is convenient to mention that these are made with a calf leather exterior and the interior has a layer made of pig skin, materials that have been used since the beginning of the workshop.

However, as mentioned, artisans have modernized most of their products and official briefcases are no exception. One of the first changes that were introduced, was to eliminate the classic nozzle closure by a pair of flaps that work with a locking system consisting of two clasps that are opened by a key. This happened during the Suárez government.

From there, more compartments were added, extra pockets to store all kinds of objects, pen holders that make it easy to find them to quickly sign any document, a cardholder to organize IDs and cards and even a compartment especially for storing a USB flash memory.

In addition to this, the standard model briefcases are equipped with six bellows that will allow to organize papers, but can be customized according to the taste of the buyer. The owners themselves have stated that they have received orders with less or more bellows.


Del Barrio Estudio: from 1934 until today

Del Barrio Estudio is another craft workshop that also enjoys great prestige, recognition and is even older than Tarin.

Its beginnings date back to its foundation in the year of 1934 and it is a common option among members of the government, given that the quality of their briefcases, wallets, document holders and other products is high and respect the classic, elegant, tasteful and completely handmade that boosted its growth and success for so many years. The place is located in Madrid and you can find it on Calle de la Luna.




The official briefcases of Del Barrio Estudio

The briefcases manufactured in Del Barrio Estudio have dimensions of 44 x 36 x 16 centimeters and are customized the afternoon before the inauguration of the new ministers.

Although they are ready, these briefcases must be personalized and that is when the workshop staff, when the list of the new cabinet of the Spanish government is published, receives the indications of each of the offices to confirm the name of the new manager and thus record the briefcases

Gold film is used for engraving, which is applied to the skin by means of thermo printing technology in conjunction with the manual work of skilled craftsmen. The preparation of the briefcases is made with cowhide and its accessories are made of polished brass, so it is a product made to last and resist daily use.

As for its design, the official briefcases have an internal distribution of five bellows for folios of documents, pen holders, pockets on the outside and also a card holder to organize your belongings.

Some of those in charge of the current Executive Power that make up the Spanish government enjoy Del Barrio Estudio briefcases and even the president himself has one, adding in total eighteen the pieces requested to this workshop in his last order.

As a curious detail, in 1981, then Minister Soledad Becerril, who worked under the government of Pedro Sánchez, asked to customize her briefcase so that her position was recorded in feminine.

It should be noted that in Del Barrio Estudio they are perfectionists, so at the minimum error, the case is discarded to start working on a new one. This has been characteristic of the premises and that is why many prefer to bet on their products, since they have virtually guaranteed a successful investment.


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