Aura Arrives, The New Scanner For Those Who Want To Scan Big

Within the scanner market , we have a high number of options when it comes to printing in large quantities or working with multi-page documents. Modern models, equipped with automatic feeders and large capacity trays have the advantage of simplifying workflows and giving us greater capacity to scan this type of documents easily.

However, when it comes to scanning books and other documents sewn, pasted or stapled, the thing gets complicated. The main reason is that we cannot separate the pages from each other to pass them through the scanner, which leads us to have to go scanning page by page, with the consequent waste of time and a worse result of the scan that we would get in case we We could do it in normal conditions.

To solve this problem, a group of engineers has embarked on the adventure of developing a new product, with gaining time as far as the scanning process is concerned, as well as improving the results of said scanning. This wit is called Aura and we will see what it offers


The scanner that doesn’t look like a scanner

At first glance, Aura looks like everything but a scanner. In fact, the first thing this product reminds us of is a modern LED lamp. Perhaps if we add the area of the base in which we will place the materials to be scanned, we can think that the product is like a kind of desk or study area with base, in which the smallest can do their homework without leaving sight .

However, as we have said, we are talking about a modern lamp-shaped document scanner, which combines some existing technologies in what portable scanners refer to with a much more efficient approach when working. The product includes both the upper base, the “lamp” part, and the base part, so you have all the necessary elements to proceed with the scan.




How does it work

The operation of Aura is really simple. Simply place the book you want to scan in the base area, under the lamp, open it correctly so that the scan runs with the appropriate quality and press a button. In just a couple of seconds we will have both pages scanned, being able to process them with the same options that any normal scanner offers us.

The secret lies in the technology that Aura includes in this “lamp”, which is what makes the difference. In this area there is a high resolution camera with which we will be able to take a high quality image of the book or the document that we are scanning. To facilitate the process of placing the material to be scanned, we have a screen, located in the upper area of the lamp, which makes it easy to center the document that everything is where it should be. Once the document is ready, you just have to step on the activation pedal so that the product does its magic and performs the scan.


Post scan

Once the document has been scanned, we will be able to do virtually everything we would do with a conventional scan. Thus, we will be able to scan any document using OCR, to convert the scanned text directly into editable text. We can also scan in image mode, in case we scan photographs, drawings or plans. And obviously we can also scan in conventional mode, in PDF format.



Additional scan functions

In these subsequent scanning tasks we have elements of Aura technology that improve the result. One of these elements is the triple laser system with which Aura is equipped. This system is responsible for analyzing the book we are scanning to “flatten” the final scanned image. So it doesn’t matter how much or how little the book is closed to get a good result.

This technology also allows the software with which the product works to decide how to divide the pages, if necessary. In case we are scanning a small book, for example, Aura detects where the spine is and separates the pages correctly. Something that does not do in case we are scanning a document in A3 format, in which there is nothing to separate.

As a last novelty, Aura has two elements that further improve the scan. One is the alignment function, so if we place the book or the crooked document on the work surface, the software takes care of placing it straight and scanning it in this way. The other novelty is that of being able to scan several elements at the same time, such as several business cards. These elements can then be selected separately and processed independently, which makes it easy to save many scanner documents or small items.


Price and availability

For those interested in getting one of these new high-tech scanners, you will surely be glad to know that this modern scanner is now available for sale and is currently being sold in the market. All this thanks to the massive support that the product has received in IndieGogo, a page dedicated to financing emerging projects.

Regarding its price, the cost of this comfortable scanner is 260 dollars or 230 euros approximately. This price is for the conventional version, which does not include the battery with which the device can operate autonomously. However, this battery can be purchased separately at a price of about 30 dollars or 27 euros. And by the way, if you still have the doubt if this product can be used as a lamp, we will say yes, and you can also control it from your mobile using the included app, which also serves to manage the functions of the scanner.



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