We Present The 5 Best Apps To Scan Text From Your Android Mobile

One of the advantages that traditional scanners have is to scan any text document and recognize what is written on paper. A process in which OCR or optical character recognition technology is used, which allows copying the text and its structure from paper and converting it into a digital format, which can logically be edited or modified in the way that suits us.

However, for a long time it was necessary to have a conventional scanner to proceed with this recognition. A product that, in addition, is not the most comfortable to use, since you have to put the pages, scan them at the correct resolution, load them into the application, etc.

Luckily, the advances presented by our smartphones have made it possible to dispense with the heavy and uncomfortable scanner when it comes to scanning these texts. Now we just need our mobile and its camera to become digital and editable text as necessary. A system that gains in comfort and has the additional advantage of being able to take it with us where necessary, to work in mobility anywhere.

The only thing we will need for this scan is an app that includes the ability to connect using OCR. Luckily, there are many options to choose from just by taking a walk through the App Store or Google Play. But to save you even more time we will give you some suggestions that you can use to digitally scan your documents from the capacity of your mobile.


Adobe Scan

If there is a company that knows what it is to create standards and work with scanned texts, this is Adobe. So it is not surprising that one of the most recognized applications in this segment of the market is Adobe Scan. This application is free and makes it easy to scan all kinds of documents, with improved functions such as those that allow us to eliminate the edges of what we have scanned or correct the inclination that, many times, occurs when scanning documents from our mobile.

This app generates the files either in PDF format or in editable format, extracting the text from the image in case we need it. As if that were not enough, the product has the ability to recognize the scanning of forms, in which case we can even fill them out directly, as we do with Acrobat Reader.




Fairy text

Text Fairy is the most suitable solution for those who simply want to convert images or scans into text without complicating life. Something that is perceived from the first glance at its interface, extremely simple and intuitive when working. Here we will not need to adjust parameters or complicate ourselves with functions that we do not know what it is for, but only by selecting the image with the text we want to scan we can start working.

This tool allows you to convert the scanned image to the PDF format, edit the scanned content or copy it for use in other applications. In addition, you can also correct the image’s point of view for better viewing. A simple, free application with the capacity to work with more than 50 languages.


Smart lens

Smart Lens is another application with enough fame when it comes to scanning text from any document. A procedure that we can apply to almost any image, so it is suitable for use on books and publications but also on business cards, posters and any other printed media.

Once it has been scanned, the tool is responsible for converting the content to the digital format, thus being able to edit it or perform any task on the scanned text. As an extra, this application is integrated with Google Translate, so we will be able to translate any text that we have previously scanned using the technology of this tool. A technology that also allows you to read that text aloud, if you wish.


Microsoft Office Lens

The Microsoft Office suite is one of the most complete that we currently find in the market. As much as to now include an OCR scanning application such as Microsoft Office Lens. This application allows us to recognize text on all types of formats, not only printed but also on others as physical whiteboards, for example. An extra that gives the application greater versatility when recognizing text and extracting its content.

Once the text has been scanned, the application will scan it directly to PDF or give us the option to create a Word document with its content, which is stored in our OneDrive and that we can edit directly from our computer or from our Android device. In the event that what we scan is a business card, the software can even directly add the information of it to our contacts calendar. The app is free, although we will need a OneDrive account to use its features.





We have left for the end what for today’s users is the best app within this market segment. We talk about CamScanner, which currently has more than 100 million users. A deserved reputation, among other things for how easy it is to use it. The integrated photographic interface makes it easy to take images of what we want to scan, and can even take several images and process them together, as required for a press article or for a chapter of a book.

Once scanned, the app is responsible for processing these images to extract the text from them, with quite satisfactory results. This text can be stored in PDF mode or in TXT format, although for this last use it is necessary to subscribe. We can also save the documents in JPEG mode, with a previous process to improve the images taken, which makes the text recognition process easier by optimizing the source of the same. Outside of this storage in TXT, the app is free.



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