Wooden Shelves: A Trend That Does Not Go Out Of Style

Wood is a natural fiber with great appeal and great properties. Among them stands out its resistance, soft touch and stability, when incorporated into a structure. Therefore, it is one of the favorite raw materials of shelving manufacturers.

This material definitely does not go out of style and adapts to many styles. In this sense, it is possible that you find among the purchase catalogs some natural designs where polished or rustic wood stands out, as well as others that have been varnished in discrete tones or on the contrary, in quite striking colors.

Undoubtedly, incorporating a shelf into our home is a good alternative, because these structures are quite functional, decorative, adapt to any room and the best thing is that with some ingenuity we can easily reinvent your style.


About wooden shelves

Wooden shelves are a type of furniture that provides great service in our homes or offices. Among them we can mention the fact of keeping our books, compact discs, collectible action figures, children’s toys, decorative objects, items belonging to the kitchen area, plants, vases, among others. Thanks to the shelves we can distribute all these objects easily, with the purpose of always having them at hand, saving space within each room.

On the other hand, we have its aesthetic function. And it is that due to the variation in the design of its structure, we can give a different color or distinction to the different spaces.


Types of wooden shelves

There are many companies dedicated to the manufacture of wooden shelves, so it is not surprising to get a wide variety of sizes, designs and colors. Remember that there is a model for each style of home, being necessary to carefully review the options offered by the different manufacturing houses. To make the purchase a success, do not forget to contrast the space you have destined for installation, with the dimensions of the structure. Also, check the support level. Here are some of the most popular wooden shelving models and you can find some types here : 

Decorative shelves

Among the wide variety of models of shelves we have the decorative type that in turn are divided into two formats. First of all, we have small structures, which generally combine a vinyl or upholstered background with enameled wood walls. Its support capacity is really limited, being suitable for you to place on it a book or some decorative figure.

On the other hand, you will find another model of shelves of greater size and that stand out for having a convex or concave design, thus generating a certain visual volume that is quite attractive and elegant.

With regard to these models, we cannot fail to mention that the use of natural tones for wood is very frequent and that the space available for the placement of objects is limited.



Branched Shelves

This type of shelves have an aesthetic alluding to the branched shape of a tree. It is a very bold, elegant and avant-garde concept that will capture the eyes of visitors. In addition, the structure is spacious and robust, which will allow you to enjoy a suitable space to support medium-sized objects such as books, vases or any decorative figure you want.


Theme Shelves

When it comes to installing a bookcase in the room of the smallest of the house, the options become a little more fun and striking. Experts generally propose thematic structures that are functional, decorative and at the same time are liked by children.

The bookcase in the form of a house is one of the most acquired by parents, as it offers enough space to support children’s books or some small toys.

However, you will find other models alluding to small planes, trucks, cartoon characters, among others. It is true that these formats are a bit more limited with respect to space, but eventually they will bring an original and colorful touch to the spaces.


Shelves without side stops

We are used to the fact that most of the shelves have side stops that serve as support to prevent books, vinyl or compact discs from tipping over. However, there are models that omit this part of the structure, since they are simply composed of two or more pieces of wood fixed on the wall horizontally.

The best thing about these designs is that they adapt very easily to the rest of the decoration established in the room, have a spacious surface and create a fairly wide visual field in the area where they have been installed.



Shelves with geometric format

The shelves whose format is of a geometric type are generally small structures, which have the particularity of being able to be combined, depending on the person’s taste. In this sense, you will have to test your creativity to create an asymmetric concept that is striking.

These shelves can be hexagonal, in the form of a circle, square, rectangle or triangle. Also, their shades vary between a unicolor, natural or multicolored tone.


Modular shelving

Modular shelves have among their main advantages the ability to adapt to any of the rooms in your home, since they have a fairly minimalist, spacious, robust and cozy design. In addition, these structures offer a large number of compartments, which will allow you to comfortably store any type of objects in their modules. Thanks to these characteristics, buyers consider these shelves as basic furniture that we cannot stop buying.


Hanging shelves

The hanging shelves are nothing more than some wooden shelves supported by four sections of rope, which are responsible for replacing the traditional side stops. The upper end of the rope is attached to the ceiling or wall, depending on the space provided and your taste.

Aesthetically, these shelves provide the room with a fairly fresh and attractive style. However, a negative aspect is its lack of stability, being necessary to take some precautions and do not support any object that can break.




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